The fitness fashion gods work in strange ways

I have a hodge podge mix of workout attire:  Reebok, Nike, Addias, UnderArmour, Champion, C9 as well as a mix mosh of random other brands that aren’t expensive/hyped/overhyped. I totally stick w sales as well as the belief that something does not need to cost a lot for it to work well. I rocked $10 capris for a stability ball/weights/resistance band class that were exceptional. I’ve read about people freaking out about $70+ pants ahem Lulumon looking at you and yes I know it is not the correct name but that is what I call it but the hype/reviews don’t have me hunting them down. Maybe someday but if I’m gonna pay $$$ it would probably be prAna since I’m always drawn to the gorgeous patterns of their stuff when Darth Husband and I are in REI.

I have learned over the years that if I go to a class in non-wicking stuff or in one case a sports shirt w a large number on the back (Sorry Buehrle! You will always be my pitcher even if you left the White Sox!) it won’t end well.  Currently, I’ve been rocking a v-neck UnderArmour shirt I found on sale for $15 and a pair capris that are several years old that fit… well, they technically do.

I say technically since they do fit but are just too small that they like to creep about. Yes, I’m talking wedgie creeping. While it isn’t a full on immediate attack, it gets annoying at least once during Zumba. I’ve been laughing it off since I know in a few weeks they will fit differently. Why should I buy new ones when these still work, right? It’s not like they don’t look good. I don’t wear workout clothes outside of working out so I don’t have to be concerned about that. Having them be a bit too small is motivation too right?

Wrong, well maybe “partially wrong” is the best response. I was catching up on some reading and what Jordan from Food, Sweat, and Beers said in #3 this post made me rethink all of this. I decided to take a new approach – let the fashion gods take over. I am a firm believer that sometimes you need to throw stuff out to the universe and you will get your answer.

My plan was one trip to a store with one trip to the dressing room. Growing up my mom, gram and I would go downtown to “Uncle Marshall’s” as we called Marshall Fields when someone had a feeling there’d be good deals. Sure enough, there would be a good deal or something perfect on sale. Since Marshall Fields is no longer (#sob), I ended up trying my luck at Marshalls since something said I should go there.  Sure enough I left the store with a stone frog, another Oxo container, tea, agave nectar and Nike capris marked down as $20 instead of $40.  They were the first I tried on and the other 5 capris I tried on did not work especially the one that made me laugh out loud.

I didn’t  attend Zumba this week since it conflicted with my once a month garden club. I’ll have to wait a bit to try them. I’m hoping they work out well and if they don’t I know I have backups.

If you buy fitness attire, are you a mix of whatever or are you a diehard person to a specific brand? 

Music for this post: Kelly Clarkson

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