Easy Everyday Rockabilly: Just Add a Scarf

Having an eclectic taste in music as well as in terms of personal style makes getting ready for concerts a lot of fun. Sometimes I don’t have a specific focus and just wear what I feel like wearing but other times I just take the style of music and run with it. That is what I did last weekend, though it was more of a fashion fast jog, for the Social Distortion concert at the House of Blues.

Social D’s music makes me think punk rock, rock n roll, old cars, tattoos, guys with slicked pomps and ladies with retro curls but with a rockabilly spin to it all. With Social D celebrating the 25th anniversary of their self-titled release and playing to a sold out crowd, I knew that the House of Blues was going to be packed and that meant that it was going to be HOT. No matter how hard the AC would be pumping, the crowd would be rocking out even harder, myself included since I cannot sit/stand still at a show. Knowing I’d be bopping around, singing along to lyrics of songs I played over and over again for a good two decades, I needed something comfy and something that I wouldn’t overheat in. This plan could have easily been checked off with a tank top and a pair of shorts but what is the fun in that?

I skipped the retro hairdo since I knew it wasn’t going to survive the humidity and become a nuisance during the show but I channeled a mellower rockabilly vibe with a circle skirt and a wide neck short dolman sleeved blouse. I added my excellent for dancing mary janes style Keens and overall I was happy with the look.

Looking back I could have easily added a scarf to my hair and been fine as well. Adding a scarf is a very easy way for me to add a bit of retro/rockabilly without having to really change up my wardrobe staples. It is also a great time saver when my hair decides to revolt against the humidity, or just because it wants to be ornery… so at least once a week. Now I don’t actually wear a scarf in my hair once a week but when I do it is something similar to these.

Easy Everyday Rockabilly

Happiness is a Good Haircut

I love getting a great haircut. It puts me in a such a good mood and adds a spring in my step. Afterwards, I find myself doing a hair flip, toss, or swing but for me that one of the universal signs that it works. I could throw around that “new hair, don’t care” phrase as well but that is pretty much the opposite. I do care. There were times that I didn’t as much and let it go far to long but now I make it a point to care and to make sure I do something about it.

When I was growing up, I was lucky to have the consistency of having the same person cut my hair, The BFF’s mom. Not only was she an extremely talented stylist, or hairdresser as was the term more so used then, she was like my second mom. If something wasn’t going to work, she’d be totally honest with me and then we’d find a solution to get what I was hoping for. She was also the master of seeing a photo with an idea I had and then modifying it to work perfectly on my head.

After she passed away, I bounced between trying a new stylist and doing absolutely nothing with my hair. I had grown my bangs out around 2002 so that checked bang trims off the upkeep list though that list barely existed anymore. It wasn’t that I wasn’t regularly washing my hair because the thought of not doing that makes my scalp itch. I just adopted the idea that I was growing it out as I figured out what I wanted to do with it. That was a stupid idea. It might have been growing out but the condition of it was going down.

After haircut based common sense rejoined the self care party and I was back to getting more regular cuts, I eventually started going to the stylist I have now. The new stylists I had gone to were good but not matter how talented someone is, it wasn’t that clicking “this is it!” moment where I find myself oohing to Darth Husband and taking photos of my self. That is where I am now.

I know that moment has led me to get out of that silly rut when I’m doing a version of Pinky and the Brain:

Gee, hair, what are we going to do today?
What we do every day, the same dang thing.

I’m even back to rocking the bangs which I wish I had done sooner. Seriously, I forgot how many other hairstyles I prefer when I have bangs. I might still go to my standbys of having it pulled back especially when on a computer for long periods of time but I’m excited to try new things and get back to wearing styles I have in the past. Well, within reason since I have no plans for mall hair or growing it out past my elbows any time soon.

One of my fashion/beauty goals for 2015 is to get back to trying new styles. I have various curled styles, updos, and ones with a retro element to them that I’ve tried over the years. Now I have over 100 pins on my Hair Pinterest board. Some might be epic fails due to my hair type but others might totally work and be added to the more regular routine. Now I just need to do it. I already have the hairspray.


Fashion Friday: Here I Go Again (Slouchy Sweaters)

As I’ve been rearranging my wardrobe for the umpeenth time, I am reminded of the things that I really don’t need since I have numerous versions of them yet I continue to buy more. It is that mix of knowing what I like and what works when it is actually worn that ends up making it part of my style staples.

One thing I DO NOT NEED more of right now is slouchy and/or cardigan sweaters. I have the army of grey cardigans leading the pack and the other colors and patterns following behind them. Even though I kept telling myself to stay away from them, I know eventually one will follow me home and of course, I will have to keep it.

For now, I will appease myself with some ideas via Polyvore.


Fashion Friday: Seen on the Street – Purple Skirts

I find fashion inspiration everywhere: TV, movies, music, magazines, and even books written by description heavy writers. This time it was via random women as I was out and about. I could use the term “street style” but this was more so a single item than a full outfit.

I noticed a great purple pencil skirt one morning as I got off the train. A few days later there was a purple straight skirt and then another one with a slightly short hemline but far from a mini. This got stuck in my head and I’ve decided I need a new purple skirt. I had a wine/plum skirt years ago but nothing more of the grape soda hue that I’ve seen lately.

I love the combo below. A good pair of boots, silver hoop earrings, and a great grey cardigan sweater have been staples in my closet for years. If it magically appeared in my closet, I would be ESTATIC!

Purple pencil with a bit of rock n roll


Add a bit of a winged liner and a retro-inspired hairstyle and the end result in a funky spin on a polished combo. I don’t wear pumps often enough but when I do I usually go for a more rounded toe.

Purple and Pumps

Fashion Friday: Witches of East End – Wendy

The novels by Melissa de la Cruz have been on my “To Read” list for quite some time now so when Witches of East End became a TV show I was excited. However, I know that books and TV adaptations are often not what you hope (AHEM, 666 Park Avenue TV show, I’m looking at you!)The book reviews I had read were positive so I had my fingers crossed that the show would be good. IT IS! I’ve been loving the show so much that I binge watched Season One on Netflix and since we don’t have cable, I’ve been buying episodes of Season Two on Amazon (and just need to actually catch up watching.) The other thing I’m loving is the fashion. Every episode has me wanting to track down several items or maybe they’ll just magically appear in my closet. Instead of waiting for that to become reality, I just decided to put together two interpretations of one of Wendy’s outfits. Though this is everyday clothes for her, I’d more so wear this for a night out to a concert when I’m not sitting out on the lawn or a party – just not a lot of walking in those heels!

Inspired by Wendy - Witches of East End

Fashion Friday: Swimwear Dreaming on Such a Winter’s Day

If I was California dreaming, I wouldn’t be thinking of the beach to get through this winter weather!

retro inspired swimwear

I love the retro look and have been seeing retro style swimwear more and more. While I technically don’t need a new suit since my two piece from not too long ago still works, I can’t help but look at the retro one-pieces. Even if I don’t end up with a new suit, I’ll probably end up with another pair of cats eye sunglasses. You can never have to many!

Mini-rant: I think my bras are plotting against me

I’m serious. I think my bras are plotting against me. Picture a group of undergarments sitting in front of notebook sized dry erase board with some sort of elastic fueled attack plan. This is what I am talking about in an animated/cartoon Aqua Teen Hunger Force style. (I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually watched the show but the character made from a french fry container is stuck in my head for some reason now.)

In all reality, they are causing me havoc along with some cuts but luckily no bruises. Within maybe a month, they are falling apart on me. True, some of them are older but those are more expensive (think Victoria Secret Body by Victoria line) and so I may have been thinking they’d last forever. Others, however, are clearance rack from Target which I should have known better. If there is a full rack of bras marked down to about $5, it is time to step away even if they have four in my size and they are a neutral color to my skintone (or at least close too really pale but not really really pale. I wore them a few times and now the underwire like to stab me in the armpit. That is one of those awkward moments too especially in public since after jumping, emitting a slight yelp, and looking around to see who saw/heard me, all I want is to go home to take it off and take out the sewing box to fix it.

I know after I’m done reinforcing the fabric stitching where the offending wires are wreaking havoc things will be ok. That is, it will be ok until it happens again or in the case of one favorite bra, the wire breaks in half still within the stitched channel. Hmmm, that’s not fun but so far it behaves and sits flat against my ribcage.  Soon though, I know it will start ruffling like the edging on only one cup of another favorite.  Part of me wonders if I could iron it but another part thinks I might melt it.

Realistically, I know that I just need to go to the store and buy new ones. Plus, I hate ironing.