That GIANT Knitting Project Continues: Ten Stitch Blanket

My current knitting project is one that has been on-going for several years. While that does include numerous starts and stops while working out in as well as at least one good hibernation period but still, that means I’ve been working on it a long time.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you have probably seen pictures of it mixed in with the usual mix of cats, concerts, more cats, the occasional dog since we do have two, flower photos, and whatnot. Though It is a long term project, it has never gotten words like “doom”, “evil” or “wretched” attached to it in moments of extreme aggravation.

The pattern, Ten Stitch Blanket, is from Frankie’s Knitted Stuff and created by Frankie Brown. I first learned about it from Nikabee who had found it as a free pattern on Ravelry. For those who don’t know, Ravelry is a fantabulous site for knitters & crocheters with things like patterns for free and to buy, forums, and within your account section, places to organize your projects, needles, yarn stash,etc. This pattern was a stash buster and great for leftover yarn from prior projects. This was what Nikabee was doing and the blanket was looking great.

I, of course, then wanted to make one too. After working on knitting projects for others for awhile, I wanted to do something for me and something that was a giant project. This wasn’t going to be my first blanket since the first finished project I did ages ago was a teal blue mashup double bed sized afghan. Yes, for a newbie knitter that was a bit insane but it turned out great in the end.

The current insanity I’d be tackling with this project would be my yarn stash. Oh my. I haven’t put my yarn all in one place but I know there is a lot. While I did give away about a dozen skeins years ago that had been living in the trunk of my car (yes, I’m serious and fellow knitters understand) there has been yarn somewhere in pretty much every room in the house. Darth Husband just shakes his head and walks away for the most part.

Then the boxes came.

The BFF’s mom and grandmother were crafty ladies and after they passed away they left behind oodles of crafty items including yarn. I had the opportunity to get some yarn that was leftover and of course, by some I mean I ended up taking all that was left. All meant two good sized boxes with one once containing a small file cabinet.  Darth Husband was thrilled and by thrilled I mean the combo of the raised eyebrow and the “WhereTF is that going to go?” face.

The boxes were shuffled about for awhile and after my explaining how much it would cost to replace aforementioned yarn, Darth Husband begrudgingly mellowed out the WTF face and even helped me vacuum bag the majority of the yarn. What was left out was the 50 skeins for the ten stitch blanket.

Yes FIFTY since I’m clearly insane. The thing is, giant projects are relaxing to me and this is exactly what I had been needing knitting wise. No deadlines. No one paying me for a project. Just me doing something for me. Now, it has gotten big enough to be at the point where it registers as a blanket to the cats, non-knitters seem quite impressed, and Nikabee has asked me more than once when I’m planning to stop working on it. We shall see but that won’t be definitely won’t happening anytime soon.


The Saga Continues: The Clone Wars & The Ten Stitch Blanket


Darth Husband and I have been sharing the dinner making duties again lately so that means I have more time to sit and knit and not be reminding myself that after the current row I’d have to check on something… or the row after that… or the row when the timer is yelling at me like an angry droid from the kitchen.

I am happy with the progression of the Ten Stitch Blanket. I’ve gotten a better feel for the correct tension so no longer cringe when it is time to work on a corner. I am no longer worried that “High Noon,” the yellow gradient yarn will be too bright with the other colors. Darth Husband actually believes I will be using up yarn from the giant box, though he did suggest taking “what I needed for the blanket” and donating the rest.

PAH! BAHAHAHAHAH! Non-knitting spouses are so cute.The yarn is not being donated.

My battles with Frankie that I had dubbed “cat vs knitting” on Instagram continue. I know that a default cat wanting attention method is sitting on whatever has the person’s attention but I still find it amusing. It also makes me think that Frankie has decided that it is officially a blanket since both cats love knitted afghans.

So as I battle the cat and knit away, I’ve been watching cartoon battles: The Clone Wars on Netflix.  I knew of the series but never started watching it back when we had cable. It was on the maybe someday list for awhile and then I had forgotten about it, somewhat dismissing it as a kid show. Then it showed up on Netflix.

Even with Netflix’s more recent addition of “Are you still watching….” slowing us a teeny tiny bit, we’ve been tearing though the seasons and have reached Season 6 now. Season 6 is the one that is Netflix exclusive and therefore, the end of the series and makes me a bit sad. Yes, I am getting sad over a fictional story that is set in a cartoon… sorry, animated series.  I know I can always just restart it especially this project and fifty potential skeins of yarn for it.

Yes,  FIFTY skeins. That isn’t an exaggeration. There are actually that many skeins I can and might use for this project.

I have a lot of rows to go and lots of cat vs knitting battles.

Come to the Craft Side…. We Have Yarn.

Obviously, I have yarn. I just love the opportunity for a pun on a pun using Star Wars dialogue, or would it be a cookie joke pun?

Sure, whatever.

Right now there is a pretty good chance there is yarn in every room in the house other than the downstairs bathroom. I know there is none in that bathroom since I removed the skein that was hanging out with the beach towels and the two boxes that were in the bathtub over six months ago. Yes, I am serious about the bathtub.  It was temporarily out-of-order and the boxes needed a place to go. In the knitter portion of my brain, it made perfect sense. In the rest, it didn’t and agreed with 100% of Darth Husband’s brain that I was crazy.

So even if it might only be a bit of yarn here and there, like the bit on the laundry room shelf or in the back of one the roller drawers in the upstairs bathroom, it is everywhere. Darth Husband has slowly gotten used to it or has just gotten less outwardly grumbly about it. Since my last yarn purchase was sometime around November, I think that helps as well… for now.

I know I suffer from the same affliction as other knitters, and most likely crocheters as well though I only knit, that makes it hard to walk away from the fibrous siren song of a local yarn store or a larger craft store. There have been too many times to count where I say I am just looking and then don’t leave empty-handed. Then there are the times that have good plans but lack of fruition.

Sock yarn is so pretty… and small… and I don’t knit socks.

The bathtub boxes migrated to a spare bedroom after repairs were made and before Jess arrived for her week-long vacation last summer. This was also when I decided to get more serious on a project I had started back in November 2012: Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown. (Fellow Ravelry members, you can find it here.)

Right now, there is a knitter nodding and a non-knitter thinking “TWO THOUSAND TWELVE?!?!”  I never just have one work in progress, or WIP, at a time. Some get set aside for another, because I was just sick of working on it, or because it wasn’t working out how I had hoped. For a long time, I was knitting for other people and my personal projects took a back burner. I wasn’t getting paid nor was there a deadline so my projects could wait. Things have changed and I’ve been a selfish knitter lately.

It is all about me… and a giant batch of retro yarn.

I like using “retro yarn” rather than “old yarn” since the colorways scream 70s/80s. Think burnt orange, mustard yellow, avocado green, and muddy tan. There are some lighter and somewhat pastel at time colors as well but the bulk more the former than the latter. When it is done, It is going to be hideously awesome.

Adventures with Knitting: Shawl-ly You’re Mistaken

I have a bad, or what could be considered bad, habit of almost getting in over my head with ideas at times. Usually I catch myself in time like when I was seriously considering running a half-marathon with Jess. Keep in mind that my running “career” so far has been walking three 5ks and run/walking one 5k. Getting more than one PR for a 5k should be the goal first.

Then there are the impulse “OOH YES! THIS WOULD BE AWESOME!” moments like when I bought about two dozen wooden cigar boxes at a garage sale. The plan was to refinish and/or decopauge them.  The end result… they are sitting in a bag in a closet. to be worked on… eventually.

My latest OOH! AWESOME! moment was due to the latest issue of Knitty. Knitty is a great knitting site that I have visited for quite some time. They have drool worthy patterns of varying levels. Of course the latest I’ve drooled over isn’t on the lowest end of the easy scale but I’m still oohing: Glitz at the Ritz.

First of all,  it is a beautiful lace pattern that includes one skein of sock weight yarn. I have picked up some pretty sock yarn yet never knitted socks. (It was getting caught in the fiber siren song of “ooooh preeeeeeeeeeeety yarn!”) THEN it also includes beads. Knitting with beads is something that has always interested me. It is one of those techniques that look really super-duper difficult but in the end it is a lot of counting, double checking counts, and not spilling the container of beads. If I did that Frankie would have a field day and I would be missing beads. I’d find them months later after I stepped on one barefoot.

Adding this to my to-knit list will help me accomplish two things: get over my fear of knitting lace and just try it (worst case I frog it) and use up one skein in my stash.

Now I just need to find my set of #6 needles…

Days of Dirt, Mulch, and Broken Fingernails

I have been on a gardening kick lately. (My poor fingernails are taking a beating.) While, I know it probably was from throwing my plan out into the universe, I know a recent conversation with Darth Husband really hit the nail on the head. I was looking at the entire thing and focusing on the end result (a really awesome perfectly planned garden/flowerbeds/yard.) What I should really be doing is focusing on the smaller elements OF the larger picture since no matter how much I dream and wish, I do not have the time and energy and several grand to do it all as once.

Breaking it down into specific sections means I can check them off the main to-do list. I checked on section off that list today and it feels so good. A future plan is to eventually move a plant and maybe add one more but this isn’t something I have to do. Once the main list is all set, then I just need to figure out a follow-up routine so the weeds don’t take over.

While this is specifically for the yard, it’s pretty much an approach that works for anything and everything. It is so obvious but I too often forget this or focus on the too specific like cleaning out the junk drawer when the entire kitchen is a mess. Working out… start small.  Fancy cooking… start small. Knitting… start with a small stash of yarn.

Oh who am I kidding?!?!  Knitting stashes never starts small especially when you have a box of yarn in the unused bathtub.

Random Confession Monday

I’d seriously love to be part of a flash mob someday.

Sock Summit 2011 – must learn how to knit socks.

Love too that this song features freshlyground which is a fun band.

Can’t go wrong w a Glee Mob… in Ireland!

I figure with around 10 yrs of dance classes, a year of cheerleading (practiced in combat boots – my coaches loved me) and a year of colorguard under my belt, this is something I could do.

Have you ever been in a flash mob?

End radio silence

Recently I got hit with a pretty nasty head cold, sinus issues that left me seriously dizzy and disoriented, and a migraine to top it all. My whine and snark/snappy levels were out of whack and so I thought it best to just step away from the laptop at least in the blogging sense. Twitter is easier to be nicer or rather it’s easier to see when you are being crankypants much easier. Now if I could only remember to spellcheck on that thng tihng thing.

The one thing that is aggravating, yet totally out of my control, was the time lost for my current knitting project, or WIP for those in the loop…. knit…. purl…. cast on… ok now I’m done. If I am making something for myself and I am not feeling well, I keep going. If it is for someone else, which is a good 90% of the time, I stop. Besides getting it all germy, if I mess up a portion or manage to severely skip a section or accidentally slide ribbing over an inch I’m on my own deadline. Frogging knitting ,while needed at times, is really disheartening to watch all your effort literally unravel.

Darth Husband suggested using one of our Groupon’s for BBQ today. For now, a cup of tea, Netflix or Hulu and that WIP is on the plan.