Pan the pug

I have a bad habit of taking tons of photos with my cell phone and then forgetting about them. This is one of them.

This pug is named Pan if I understood his owner correctly.  I had seen them walking around before since it is pretty hard to forget a dog wearing little orange shoes.  It totally makes sense to me since salt and whatnot can hurt a dog’s feet. (Molly was hopping around because of  rock salt once and now we only put the pet safe stuff anywhere they could possibly go.)

Since I didn’t want to scare the dog or make the owner angry, I asked if I could take the photo. Pan didn’t seem to care but at the same time I don’t know pug expressions that well.


2 thoughts on “Pan the pug

  1. Love the boots. Wish I could get my pug to leave his boots on. I have given up. Those orange boots look great. I wonder where the owner got them. I think Pan is very smart to keep them on. Now if I could only get my pug to keep his shades on this summer!

  2. Too cute!! Makes me think… if hubs and I adopt a dog, we’re going to have to figure out how to get it used to cute little shoes like those! Never know when going for a walk if there’s broken glass or the like out there.

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