Keep in mind that this will probably change yet again since it is always just needing one more thing.

The blogger: Music junkie + artist + Midwesterner + (whole bunch of other things) = Krista

The blog: The name “Can’t Survive on Yarn Alone” came during the demise of a prior knitting only blog. Though a perfect world means an endless supply of yarn and a Warehouse 13 style space to keep it, my life can’t be all knitting. Here you can find a hodge podge of things I find interesting and my mini-rants of things that I don’t. Think cooking adventures, road trips, music, geeky and nerdy stuff, concerts, tea, pets, wine, cider, books, beauty, fashion, and a review here and there.  Basically, it is my place to ramble along without getting to that point of seeing people’s eyes glaze over out of boredom.

When not building a yarn fort in our house in the Chicago suburbs or hunting down vintage Pyrex or new Star Wars collectibles for Darth Husband (hence the nickname), you can find me:

  • plotting new knitting adventures on and off Ravelry
  • lost in a book or adding books to GoodReads
  • pinning new recipes, craft ideas, geeky goodness, and other randomness on Pinterest
  • or taking yet another pic of my garden, thrifting finds, two three rescue cats and two rescue dogs – on Instagram

Twitter: @yarnalone
Email: yarnalone AT gmail DOT com

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