Trying a New Online Recipe: Banana Walnut Bread (sans walnuts)

With bananas being a staple in this house, making banana bread is nothing new. I’ve made various versions of it as long as I can remember and still am up for trying new ones. This time via a tweet from Healthy Living Blogs, I found Banana Walnut Bread by Sara Runs, which was a loaf recipe rather than the muffin versions I’ve made more so recently. Muffins are great for both weekend mornings and “grab and go” weekday breakfasts but a still warm loaf cooling in an amazing smelling kitchen just screams weekend. I chose to make it on a snowy lazy day version of a Saturday and so ended up warming up the house a bit and making something delicious at the same time.


Here is my breakdown of this recipe.

  • Ingredients shopping: Easy. I “shopped” my own kitchen since the recipe included basic ingredients that are staples. I omitted the walnuts since that was the one thing we don’t keep on hand all the time.
  • Prep: Easy. As long as you have enough bowls for the steps, it is super easy. I used my KitchenAid stand mixer and so there was very little effort needed.
  • Cooking: Easy. I set the oven timer to the full 55 minutes and only  checked on it twice. I ended up adding an extra two minutes to the time.
  • Make it again: Absolutely. The banana bread turned out so delicious that we almost ate half of it within ten minutes. I can see myself making this to give away as well.
  • Modify it: Since I didn’t have walnuts in the pantry, this was a modified recipe to begin with. When I do have walnuts, most likely when the holiday baking season has been around a bit more, I will try making that version/the actual recipe.
  • Works for leftovers: Yes but this didn’t last long.

Trying a New Online Recipe: One Banana Banana Bread


The banana hook at our house is rarely empty for long though it does get stuck with overly ripe fruit from time to time. When the yellow skin starts channeling 101 Dalmatians, I start thinking one thing: banana bread. This time there was one lonely banana sitting in the fruit bowl attached to the hook. Since my usual recipes need at least a banana and a half, rather than crossing my fingers that this wasn’t a *”Two Banana Day” and winging it, I decided to see what I could find while searching for a one banana based recipe. What a Crock’s “One Banana Banana Bread” seemed very straight forward and easy so it was the winner.

Banana bread muffins

Here is my breakdown of this recipe.

  • Ingredients shopping:  Easy. Everything was already in the kitchen.
  • Prep:  Easy. The most time consuming part was melting the butter and chopping up the banana. Since I was using my KitchenAid stand mixer, I wasn’t going to experiment and see what the paddle attachment could do to a whole banana. My guess was make a mess.
  • Baking:  The muffins cooked much faster than I expected. Maybe I preheated the oven too long. I know I was multi-tasking while they were in the oven so that too can be added to the list of why they came out a bit too browned and slightly burnt at the bottoms of a few. Luckily, I had used cupcake liners or I would have been scraping muffin bits out of the bottom of the tins..
  • Make it again:  Yes. Even with the slight overbaking, they were quite good. Darth Husband liked them as well. Next time I’ll set my timer at short intervals to figure out the best range of time for my oven.
  • Modify it:  Maybe, but not right away. Getting a nice golden color needs to happen first. Then I can see what I could add. Nuts were an optional ingredient but since we had none in the pantry that would mesh well, I opted not to use them.
  • Works for leftovers: Baked goods generally result in leftovers in our house. I stored them in a gallon sized  zip top bag and a few days later, they still tasted good.

*Big Block Sing Song is a kid show I never knew about until someone mentioned the song. Of course, it got stuck in my head.