Goodbye Posting Gap! Blogging is Back!

Why, hello Posting Gap! It was nice seeing you again but it is time for you to head home. I know I’ll see you again but don’t call me. I’ll call you… or maybe just send you a text.

Taking a break is nothing new for me. After having a site of some sort on and off for the past 15 years or so (anyone else remember Tripod and Angelfire?), I know sometimes I need to stop and reevaluate/revamp or just flat out stop writing until I get out of a rut because I’m not happy with what is filling up my draft folder or notebook. If I am not happy with something why would I put it out there for someone else to read? If someone is taking the time to read something, I want to put the effort in what is out there. Since it has always been hobby based, I didn’t have to worry about loss of income. Plus, there were times years ago that mentioning actually making money as a result would have made me laugh thinking the person was joking. Think BEFORE YouTube and tumblr and whatnot. Yes, I am old… old-ish?

So I had my plan, was ready to go, and then got hit by a truck. No clever use of metaphor there this time since it was a real truck!

The Plan:

  • Go on mini-hiatus
  • Deal with crazy winter weather and get self out of writer’s block/writer’s rut
  • Finish various in-progress writing projects
  • Complete minor site updates
  • Do happy heel click jump

The Reality:

  • Go on mini-hiatus
  • Deal with crazy winter weather
  • Start working on writing projects
  • Get hit driving to Target and end up with car totaled
  • Focus on recovering from accident
  • Mini-hiatus become medium(ish?) hiatus
  • Do not do happy heel click jump

Blogging went on the back burner (the back left one since the tea kettle is usually on the right) as did other things since the focus was on me getting better. This time has been both a painful and frustrating situation as well a humbling and inspiring one. I made a point to focus on the positive and not the negative as much as I could and as a result not post about it in real-time or rather slightly delayed real-time since I rarely write and then immediately hit “Publish.”

I might be klutzy at times but going to from being from what I’d consider an able-bodied person with for the most part no physical limitations to having to rethink how I’d do some usual everyday tasks was an eyeopener. The things I couldn’t do luckily were looking like would only be temporary.

I chose to take these “can’t do”s and look at them as things I would be more grateful to be able to do later and try to build upon them in any way I could at the time.

I might not have been able to:

  • knit since doing so with a cast wouldn‘t be best for a project thirteen skeins in (so much frogging later on – for non-knitters: frogging actual term = ripping back a knitted section bc you “rip it, rip it”) but I could find fiber based creative things to read, find new knitting based Instagram accounts to ooh over, and learn new things via YouTube.
  • cook or not without making even more of a mess than I usually do but I could keep reading and collecting new recipes and really decide if I needed to keep entire magazines for four or so pages of something I might make someday. (Answer quickly became “no” and those few pages were kept as the rest went into the recycling bin.) I could rethink what I really wanted or needed to keep in my kitchen, both food wise and stuff wise.
  • finish going through my closet for the most current wave of trying on, deciding to keep, donate, or toss but I could keep the process going at least mentally for awhile and so have a jumping off point for later, read and being inspired by style blogs, both new and old to me, and rethink how I approach my own personal style and about what I want to kick up a notch or back up and what isn’t as worth it to keep.
  • get to the gym or laced up my running shoes, but I could focus on my health, other than the healing process, and decide what I wanted to continue with and what I wanted to change regarding my self in terms of mind, body, and soul.

After that all being said, my initial goal of getting out of that writing rut controlled by the blinking cursor or blank page was successful. The only hobby based blocks I’m dealing with now are the ones in Minecraft. I have lists, drafts, and ideas floating around in my head, in my laptop, and most likely scribbled on a piece of a notepad in the bottom on my bag. I’ve been getting them more in a sense of order instead of a crazy excitement based word jumble. Added to that jumble, and adding a bit more to the hiatus, was actually getting things done that Darth Husband and I have had on the “eventually we will” list like new paint and poutine, but not paint poutine.

So now I am back with a fresh coat of lipstick, new songs in my playlists and more band buttons on my jacket and bag, folders full of drafts and one with posts ready to go, and as cheesy as ever…..

Everybody, read the bloggy
Everybody, read the bloggy right
Yarnalone’s back, alright!


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