Happiness is a Good Haircut

I love getting a great haircut. It puts me in a such a good mood and adds a spring in my step. Afterwards, I find myself doing a hair flip, toss, or swing but for me that one of the universal signs that it works. I could throw around that “new hair, don’t care” phrase as well but that is pretty much the opposite. I do care. There were times that I didn’t as much and let it go far to long but now I make it a point to care and to make sure I do something about it.

When I was growing up, I was lucky to have the consistency of having the same person cut my hair, The BFF’s mom. Not only was she an extremely talented stylist, or hairdresser as was the term more so used then, she was like my second mom. If something wasn’t going to work, she’d be totally honest with me and then we’d find a solution to get what I was hoping for. She was also the master of seeing a photo with an idea I had and then modifying it to work perfectly on my head.

After she passed away, I bounced between trying a new stylist and doing absolutely nothing with my hair. I had grown my bangs out around 2002 so that checked bang trims off the upkeep list though that list barely existed anymore. It wasn’t that I wasn’t regularly washing my hair because the thought of not doing that makes my scalp itch. I just adopted the idea that I was growing it out as I figured out what I wanted to do with it. That was a stupid idea. It might have been growing out but the condition of it was going down.

After haircut based common sense rejoined the self care party and I was back to getting more regular cuts, I eventually started going to the stylist I have now. The new stylists I had gone to were good but not matter how talented someone is, it wasn’t that clicking “this is it!” moment where I find myself oohing to Darth Husband and taking photos of my self. That is where I am now.

I know that moment has led me to get out of that silly rut when I’m doing a version of Pinky and the Brain:

Gee, hair, what are we going to do today?
What we do every day, the same dang thing.

I’m even back to rocking the bangs which I wish I had done sooner. Seriously, I forgot how many other hairstyles I prefer when I have bangs. I might still go to my standbys of having it pulled back especially when on a computer for long periods of time but I’m excited to try new things and get back to wearing styles I have in the past. Well, within reason since I have no plans for mall hair or growing it out past my elbows any time soon.

One of my fashion/beauty goals for 2015 is to get back to trying new styles. I have various curled styles, updos, and ones with a retro element to them that I’ve tried over the years. Now I have over 100 pins on my Hair Pinterest board. Some might be epic fails due to my hair type but others might totally work and be added to the more regular routine. Now I just need to do it. I already have the hairspray.



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