January to June CSYA Household Challenge


I am usually not one to make grand proclamations on January 1st about how this is the year I’m going to eat better, lose weight, or one of the checkboxes on the more general “get healthier” checklist. They are make sense to be decent new years resolutions but I often find myself thinking these things throughout the year. That means the 1st could be June 1st or October 1st. Starting at a 1 just makes sense even if it is found in the center part of a date. However, this year I’m going more into checkbox mode and I’m blaming Darth Husband.

Darth Husband gets these grand ideas sometimes where my responses vary from “OK, that will work” to “Hmmmm” to “OK, no.” (Keep in mind that I also do that to him too.) I just have to be careful sometimes to not “OK” when I mean “Hmmmm” especially when it means a challenge. He loves challenges and is quite a competitive person. Me, on the other hand, can be competitive when I want to be but in the team sports side of life I’d rather not play. So thing being said, I somehow managed to agree to a January 1st to June 1st fitness/weight challenge. Rather that trying to back out, I’m sticking with it.

The plan is to see who is in better shape on June 1st with the highest percentage of weight loss being the winner. With a nine-inch height difference as well as the man vs woman aspect, having a percentage was fairer than using actual number of pounds. Since both of our weights are already in the healthy ranges for our heights and ages, this is more so a push to get healthier and then the winner get bragging rights. We both will end up winners too in that being in better shape by summer means we get do things like going hiking more.

Though we generally do eat right, there was too much fast food and take-out the weeks prior to Christmas. I am not adding holiday based meals, treats, and whatnot to that mix because I refuse to deny myself holiday food based traditions. I stick with my mantra: “If I want the cookie, I’m going to EAT the cookie, just not the entire tray of cookies.” Having food ready to grab and go or put down in front of you at a restaurant is easy but since you don’t make it yourself you don’t know exactly what is in it. There are times when I add something to my food tracking account and I am surprised by how much salt is in it. I know it has extra in it but exactly how much extra is the shocker.

For about a little over a month, my gym membership key tag hasn’t moved much. When both my cousin’s and my schedules got a bit hectic, we kept rescheduling and rescheduling until the rescheduled date would be the following week. My cousin and I decided to just get back to our routine in January. Then my Sister-in-Law and niece came to visit and spending time with out-of-town family took priority. Weight machines at the gym were replaced by carrying around and playing with my one-year-old niece.

So now the challenge has begun. Fingers crossed that I will win but if I don’t, it better be close!


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