Season’s Readings: 12 Days of Book-mas – A great gift for a newbie gardener


A great gift for a newbie gardener

  • Name of book: Kiss My Aster: A Graphic Guide to Creating a Fantastic Yard Totally Tailored to You
  • Author: Amanda Thomsen
  • What is about: This is a gardening guide filled with wit, great illustrations, and most importantly ideas on how you can start planning out how to make the spaces your own style.
  • Why you like it/recommend it: After seeing Amanda Thomsen speak and reading her book, my way of thinking regarding my gardening changed for the better (more creativity and less stress.)  Amanda knows what she is talking about and having that knowledge in a book that reminds me of a graphic novel makes it very approachable especially for those who have become bored by more hum drum gardening books.
  • Other things people should know (part of a series, now a movie, etc): This is not a step-by-step dictionary-style how-to garden book.

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