Season’s Readings: 12 Days of Book-mas – A great gift for the Star Wars AND zombie fan


A great gift for for the Star Wars AND zombie fan

  • Name of book: Death Troopers
  • Author: Joe Schreiber
  • What is about: After an Imperial prison barge breaks down, a group scavenging for parts boards a drifting Star Destroyer that appears to be abandoned. Soon they realize that they aren’t alone and what comes back with them has them fighting for survival.
  • Why you like it/recommend it: As both a Star Wars fan and a zombie/undead fan, I think this is a great mix of the two. Some parts of the book are downright creepy and I couldn’t read this too late at night but I had to know how the battled against the walking undead ended! I have read this book more than once and it still creeps me out and makes me cheer on the characters at the same time.
  • Other things people should know (part of a series, now a movie, etc): While the story line is part of the overall existence of Star Wars, this book shows how elements can be used as a base for something totally not found in the movies.

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