Season’s Readings: 12 Days of Book-mas – A great gift for anyone who struggles with negative thoughts


As part of this series, I am also sharing recommendations from others. Today’s book recommendation comes from Jessica Aycock, CHC.

A great gift for anyone who struggles with negative thoughts

  • Name of book: A Complaint-Free World
  • Author: Will Bowen
  • What is about: This book is about learning how to reframe your thoughts so you spend less time complaining, and in turn, are healthier and happier. The idea is to stop complaining for 21 days – and if you DO complain during that time, you have to start over from the beginning. He suggests using a bracelet or rubber band to help you remember to not complain.
  • Why you like it/recommend it: I’ve yet to master the Complaint-Free Challenge, but this book did help me become aware of how big a toll complaining can take on your life. It bleeds into every aspect of your existence and is quite toxic to your happiness. Even if you never fully complete the challenge, going one or two days without complaining can cause a drastic improvement on your mood and your outlook. I recommend this to all my clients because what we think, we believe.
  • Other things people should know: Bowen is a minister, so there are some religious/spiritual undertones to this book. However, his message is transformational for anyone.


Please note: Links found within this post are NOT affiliate links and I receive no compensation for any potential purchases.


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