Trying a New Online Recipe: Pancakes from Pennies & Pancakes


During the week, I am all about grabbing a quick breakfast since I am definitely not a morning person. Some days it might be fruit, yogurt, and granola. For others, it is take-out or something designated as a breakfast item per the writing on the plastic wrapper. Sitting down and enjoying a leisurely breakfast is left for the weekends.

Last Saturday, I woke up with pancakes on the brain. I was the first one up and after getting a semi-coherent “yes” to my asking Darth Husband if he was hungry, I dodged the galloping kitten and went to make breakfast. I was going to try a boxed coconut mix that I picked up from Trader Joe’s for me and then make our usual boxed mix for him.

Coconut mix? Check. Usual boxed mix? Nope.

After searching through the pantry like a forlorn Jack Sparrow (“But why is the mix gone?”) and deciding that I was still making pancakes and ones from scratch, I found the  post containing the Favorite Pancake Recipe on Pennies and Pancakes. First of all, if a blog name INCLUDES the word “pancakes”, that is a good sign.


Here is my breakdown of this recipe.

  • Ingredients shopping:  Easy. I had everything but the whole wheat flour already in the kitchen.
  • Prep:  Easy. The hardest part was using the sifter and not making a mess.
  • Cooking:  Easy to medium. Figuring out when to flip a pancake is a skill I mastered within the last five years. Though I fully understand that in the grand scheme of stovetop cooking it isn’t extremely difficult, I have mushed and burned many a pancake. After the first few using this batter, I was able to time it quite well.
  • .Make it again:  Definitely. This turned out extremely well and both Darth Husband and I really enjoyed them.
  • Modify it:  Yes. This time, out of necessity, I used regular flour instead of whole wheat flour. In the future, I could see doing something like adding a bit of cinnamon to the batter.
  • Works for leftovers: Yes. I reheated some on Sunday and topped it with strawberry jam instead of butter as I had done on Saturday. I had a few others for a weekday breakfast as well.

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