Twosday: New Fall 2014 TV

New shows I’m loving:

  • Gotham I know this is pre-Batman but I still see it as a Batman show. I grew up watching the 1960s TV show and Batman: The Animated Series so I use that as a base. If Selina Kyle ends up even a smidge as cool as the Julie Newmar Catwoman I’ll be happy. Since Bruce Wayne is just a kid, I don’t have to do my usual “Why does Batman NOT have eyes?” Seriously, in the cartoons it is like he’s wearing white lens Oakleys under the hood.
  • How to Get Away with Murder I’ve gotten back into watching legal based TV shows after a mini-break since The Good Wife was ruined by a non-GW related article. (ARG!) The law school element reminds me a bit of the interns element of Grey’s Anatomy which totally works for me and the jumping back and forth in terms of timeline actually works. Viola Davis has such a commanding presence as Professor Annalise Keating and I love seeing Paris Geller… I mean Liza Weil back on TV.

New shows I need to watch:

  • Constantine When I think of Constantine, I think of the movie with Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz. I’m curious to see what they will do with it on network TV with the creepiness level. Plus since this storyline has a comic foundation, the debates about what is right and what is wrong with it should be interesting.
  • Forever Curses? Immortality? Medical examiner working with crime solving? I know I’m keeping things vague but it is on purpose. I don’t want to read too much since I know going in with as little prior knowledge of the current episodes the better.

One thought on “Twosday: New Fall 2014 TV

  1. We’ve been watching Gotham too. I don’t love it yet, but it is pretty entertaining, and a nice shift from my usual female lead drama and/or comedy shows that I normally watch.

    I have the first episodes of How to Get Away With Murder recorded but haven’t watched yet. I think I might wait until an off TV time to watch since I’m watching so many shows right now, sometimes I feel like starting a new one in the middle of a bunch of others I love isn’t the best way to start loving a new show.

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