Surrounded by Chefs But Not in the Kitchen

It all started back when I finished reading Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential. It is the updated edition so there are added bits of follow-up on some and a return to the ewok based comment he made about a fellow chef. I know, I know. While there are numerous other things I could refer back to, it is hard not to use one with a Star Wars reference. As a fan of his various TV shows, I had a feeling I would enjoy the book and I did very much so.

Since I’ve been cooking more and trying to post more about my cooking adventures, I found myself watching more cooking shows as well. Master Chef and Hell’s Kitchen got pretty regular play via Hulu and I started watching a somewhat recent season of Top Chef. I never had any interest in culinary school or working my way up the ranks in a kitchen, but I still find chefs and cooking interesting. The blur of a chopping knife and the flash of a flame is not very likely in my kitchen but it is fascinating on-screen.

This being said, however, I’ve been lulled by the glowing screen and the cooking continued but a bit less adventurous the last few weeks. Not only was I starting to find myself in a rut but also the recipes I was finding looked interesting but I was too tired or lacking just enough time to complete them. I am slow in the kitchen so anything prep wise means added time. I don’t think discussing a recipe is fair when you aren’t giving it sufficient time to actually make it. Cutting corners works wondrously but with something new you can easily end up with non-flaky flaky biscuits.

This was part of a dinner with friends and luckily they are kind and didn’t mock me… too much. What are friends for if you can’t taunt each other even a slight bit?

When I wasn’t making baked good versions of those furniture moving slider discs, one of us was using parts of recipes. There is always the default base of protein, starch/carb, and vegetable which is basically the suds-free version of “lather, rinse, repeat.” Even though it makes grocery shopping very easy, that can get boring pretty quickly even with meal planning. As a result, we ended up altering our meal planning to the point where we start deciding as soon as we walk in the grocery store.

On one hand, I’m missing searching for something new but on the other, I am giving things more of a chance. Darth Husband always likes to joke about how he had to take me to Florida to get me to eat fresh fish. It is pretty true since prior to that it was basically stick form, tuna, or shrimp. I figured it was easy peasy and also much less stinky options. The thought of having tilapia, which was part of tonight’s dinner, was unheard of and worthy of a yuck face.

Lately I’ve been giving fresh fish a chance and playing around with my personal food options even more. High dairy, low dairy, gluten free, no red meat, vegetarian, low sugar, and LOTS OF SUGAR have crept into and out of the mix. I am trying to expand my horizons a little more to find the mix that works best for me with a food app helping me make sure I’m getting what I need. Logging everything you eat, both “good” and “bad”, is quite the reality check especially when there is a UPC symbol to scan.

I have some different recipes saved for future attempts including a vegan recipe I found online that “Mr. Steak and Potatoes” Darth Husband is willing to try. I have a feeling some of them might end up fails but that will be ok. They can just go on the list with the biscuits.


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