NaBloPoMo October: A Crunch and a Thunk


I had read about other NaBloPoMo themes in the past and though I had thought it would be a good idea to try, it never got past the thinking stage. This month I’ve decided to take it off the idea list and make it be an actual attempt. The basis of this really is to post every day, something that many people do, and so nothing too shocking. I, however, was never a post a day person. It was partially not knowing what I wanted to say, partially wondering if people would even be interested, and finally part trying to find enough time to construct something that made sense in terms of content and what I wanted to say.

Then came the October theme “Crunch” and the mention of crunching leaves and crunch time. Of course, I also thought Crunch bar since October makes me think of Halloween and Halloween makes me think of chocolate. OK, who am I kidding? I don’t need Halloween to make me think of chocolate. That is a default.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to go ahead and try this even though I do plan to post more. Then I read the first writing prompt:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Crunch crunch crunch: leaves are starting to carpet the sidewalks. Tell us about your favourite autumnal sound.

In my mind, I could hear the crunch of the leaves blanketing sidewalks and curbs over the years. That mix of a crinkle, crunch, and swish often found its own rhythm as I walked along. Then something else popped into my head, a drumbeat. Then it was joined by another and another until it was no longer a beat but a full cadence.

As long as I can remember, Fall didn’t just bring back the school year but also the sounds of the local high school band. Long before my days there and long after, when the wind is right the echos of the drumline could be heard from afar. For those nearby, on practice night it was accompanied by the chant of “Left, left, left” and on game night, the cheers of the crowd. To this day, if I hear it I find myself automatically stepping in time.

I see this all as a sign that it is time to step back in, find my beat, and fall (bad pun intended) back into writing more as well.


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