Trying a New Online Recipe: 5-Star Cheeseburger Casserole


Even though I usually try to set up a meal plan for the week, often when I’m out shopping it will just be planned ideas and not for exact days. This works especially well when the weather is crazy and I don’t want to use the oven or I’m running amuck in the evening and have less time to cook.  Occasionally, I will end up with something that gets passed over and next thing I know, I am having to make it before it ends up in the garbage. This happened with some ground beef. I had a little time before the use by date but wasn’t planning to risk it by waiting any long. It was 93%/7% so I was thinking to make pasta with a meat sauce. When I mentioned that to Darth Husband, he suggested I make cheeseburger casserole instead. I had meshed together a few recipes to make one and he liked it. Since this was before I started my Wednesday recipe attempt posts, this time I decided to follow one recipe, 5-Star Cheeseburger Casserole from Bakerette.

Here is my breakdown of this recipe.

  • Ingredients shopping:  Easy. Everything was already in my kitchen or easily found at my local grocery store since nothing was out of the ordinary.
  • Prep:  Easy. Basic cutting and measuring.
  • Cooking:  Easy. Even though this includes both stovetop and oven based cooking, neither was difficult.
  • .Make it again:  Definitely. The recipe works great for the two of us but could also easily be served for a group.
  • Modify it:  Yes. I excluded the pickles. I could also see swapping out the noodles for rice noodles or corn noodles if I wanted to change things up a bit.
  • Works for leftovers: Yes even though we only had enough for Darth Husband to take for lunch.

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