Fashion Friday: Witches of East End – Wendy

The novels by Melissa de la Cruz have been on my “To Read” list for quite some time now so when Witches of East End became a TV show I was excited. However, I know that books and TV adaptations are often not what you hope (AHEM, 666 Park Avenue TV show, I’m looking at you!)The book reviews I had read were positive so I had my fingers crossed that the show would be good. IT IS! I’ve been loving the show so much that I binge watched Season One on Netflix and since we don’t have cable, I’ve been buying episodes of Season Two on Amazon (and just need to actually catch up watching.) The other thing I’m loving is the fashion. Every episode has me wanting to track down several items or maybe they’ll just magically appear in my closet. Instead of waiting for that to become reality, I just decided to put together two interpretations of one of Wendy’s outfits. Though this is everyday clothes for her, I’d more so wear this for a night out to a concert when I’m not sitting out on the lawn or a party – just not a lot of walking in those heels!

Inspired by Wendy - Witches of East End

One thought on “Fashion Friday: Witches of East End – Wendy

  1. I absolutely love watching Witches of East End and I am always so jealous of their outfits! I wish that I could have them all! I have always loved the Nakamol jewelry that Wendy wears. I will definitely have to do some shopping for these things, thank you so much for sharing!

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