Life with a Fitbit: Six Months


After six months, wearing my Fitbit Flex has become automatic. Overall, I am loving it.

Tracking my steps:

The first week or so I was all about being in “Go! Go! Go!” mode. It became a game to guess when the full light bar would hit and I‘d usually be right within a block or so. I could have easily let this become the norm but then this wouldn’t be a fair representation of my life and activity level. True, there are days I am channeling the Energizer Bunny blasting Todd Rundgren’s Bang the Drum All Day.


Those days can be great and totally productive but too many in a row wear me down. The best strategy was to scale back to the initial norm and then kick it up a notch. I set baselines for the treadmill and recumbent bike at the gym and as long as I wasn’t feeling significantly less than 100% that day, I stuck to that pretty much every time if not went over. Over the week’s I’ve noticed I’ll go an extra block or two on a walk or keep the music on and dance to one more song while in the kitchen. Dancing while cooking, when knives aren’t involved of course, count as steps too.

Dancing itself has been a big kick count wise. I have music on the majority of the day or as much as possible. That means dancing at home and occasionally while out shopping. Yes, I am one of those people guilty of busting a move in a grocery store aisle.

Another great source for racking up the steps has been concerts! Though I will sit from time to time, most concerts I attend have me up and dancing. After a few, I ended up way over half my daily goal each! Yes, that means I dance my butt off and probably look like a crazy lady to some but I don’t care!

Tracking my sleep:

I know I am a restless sleeper. If I didn’t remember dreaming about fighting ninjas, the look on Darth Husband’s face will let me know I had another crazy dream. Other nights, I had one, or two or three, too many mugs of tea. Then there will be the random nights that I zonk out almost immediately. I never kept a sleep journal, so I didn’t have a full idea of my sleep patterns.

Now I have a much better idea of my sleep patterns and non-patterns since some weeks I’m all over the place. This also has my reminding myself to go to bed and stop trying to be overly productive late at night. Getting extra things done is great but being extra cranky the next morning is not. I’ve also set a night alarm to remind myself that it is time to wind down and start my evening routine so I can get to bed at a somewhat decent hour.


My Fitbit Flex is on my wrist the majority of the time. If it is off, that usually means it is either charging or I’ve taken it off to shower, I am washing dishes or am using harsher cleaning products. I know that the info says you can keep it on in the shower but I feel better keeping it as dry as possible.

It has gotten to the point where I don’t notice it when I am wearing it but when it is off then I notice. It is like certain rings being off or certain fingers that I always wear a ring being bare. The norm is off just enough that I’ll find myself checking for it.

I’ve worn band style bracelets for years so the narrow rubber band style fits in with my style and I don’t feel awkward while wearing it. We picked up the three pack of additional color bands when we purchased the actual Fitbit Flex. My default color is still the basic black but I have swapped it out for one of the other colors. I love that there was a teal band in the pack since teal if one of my favorite colors. I’m planning to eventually purchase another black band and at least one more color band as well.

My black band has taken a beating and held up pretty well. When I mention a beating, it is not just a figurative statement in some instances. I’ve managed to drop a full binder on it and as a result smashing it into the side of a metal file cabinet drawer. I’ve caught it on the edge the door frame of an open dryer. I am not a walking disaster so these aren’t everyday occurrences but knowing it survived makes me very happy. There are some scratches and scrapes in the rubber but no gouges. The slightly shiny finish has worn almost completely on the edges but it is not glaringly obvious. The center portion of the band is a little stretched out which I think is from taking the tracker out to charge. However, the tracker still fits secure enough where I am not concerned that it will fall out.

Bottom line: I am still 100% sure that the Flex was the best option Fitbit option for me.


Disclaimer: This Fitbit was a gift from Darth Husband and was paid for out of his own pocket. We received no free product, discount, or compensation for mention in the post.


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