Run, Turtle, Run: Slow and Steady to the Next 5k


I had originally planned to participate in two 5ks this month but some plans fell through. I’m not really upset since there is always next year for one. Plus, a discussion regarding potential costumes/theme for the group has already begun. This means a new crafty plan and a year to actual make the craft project a reality. For now, I am looking ahead to August and getting myself moving… slowly.

I’ve joked around on Instagram with the hashtag #runturtlerun but it is pretty realistic. I am a slow runner. I should probably say jog rather than run but if I have a bounce decent enough to keep a ponytail swinging back and forth I count it as a run. Ironically, I am a fast walker too.

With the deadline of August 2, I’ve already started working my way up to the full 3.1 miles of the Graffiti Run.  I’m participating with Nikabee and her husband who actually run 5ks. I know “actually” makes it sound like running it is a shocking new thing. It is that I’ve just participated in a number of walking friendly 5ks as a walker and not a runner. This time I want to run a majority, if not all, of it.

My cousin and I have made it a point to get to the gym once a week. I don’t mind the treadmill, or dreadmill as people call it, since I can watch some cable TV, which I don’t have at home, and get some miles in. As long as the mileage goes up, even just a little, every week, I’m feeling good about August.


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