Oh Look At All The Pretty Cars: A Trip to Volo Auto Museum

After years of saying we should go, Darth Husband and I recently drove up to Volo Auto Museum. We had seen some of their collection displayed at the Chicago Auto Show so I have anticipated this being a great place. I was in no way prepared since this wasn’t just great, it was breathtakingly awesome. As two fans of old cars, this was heaven.

“Established in 1960 by the Grams family, the Volo Auto Museum collector car dealerships draws international attention to the beautiful country village of Volo, Illinois. With over 300 classic, antique, muscle and Hollywood cars on display and for sale, we are rated #2 auto museum in the world.“


If we had the money to purchase another new car, it would have been down right dangerous since they had several that we both loved. However, actually agreeing on one car would be difficult so that was a good thing. Darth Husband likes more of the Trans Am muscle car era. I like the pre-’70 beasts of a car which is amusing since the cars I prefer to drive now are on the smaller side. For now, we’re just dreaming until “someday” becomes reality.

Luckily there were movie and TV cars to give us a break from the oohing and ahhing.


Also included in the museum are a military section and kids attractions that include Disney and Looney Tunes.

If the gorgeous auto eye candy wasn’t enough, the museum grounds also include FOUR antique malls.


Interspersed with the varying ages of antique goodness were crafts, some newer items that I think are definitely not quite old enough to be labeled antiques, and actual new items.

We wandered about exploring the numerous dealers and picked up a few items. I insisted on carrying the paper bag that held my two new Pyrex bowls almost the entire time post purchase. (One steep-ish stairway had me passing it on to Darth Husband for a few moments. I don’t like stairs to begin with so adding the chance of dropping and breaking my beloved Pyrex made it the best choice.) With bag in arms, I couldn’t pick up and oooh over everything that caught my eye. That saved both time and money. Overall, I was very good and didn’t want to fill up the back of our truck which I could have easily done.

I am really glad we finally went and can definitely see us going back again. The admission price for adults was $13.95 per adult which I thought was reasonable. There was a lot to see and we spent a good amount of time wandering about. Volo is about 50 miles north of Chicago and so not a quick trip for us. If it were, we would definitely get memberships.


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