Trying a New Online Recipe: Melt in Your Mouth Chicken


Almost every week our menu planning includes at least one chicken dish. After Darth Husband saw an advertisement about cooking chicken with Greek yogurt, we wanted to give it a try. There are numerous recipes online but we wanted to start with a basic one. The one I found, Melt in Your Mouth Chicken, is just that.

Here is my breakdown of this recipe.

  • Ingredients shopping:  Easy. None of the ingredients are difficult to find and the majority were already in our kitchen.
  • Prep: Easy/medium – Basic cutting and measuring. Coating the chicken was a bit messy. I first tried using a spoon and then gave up and just used my fingers.
  • Cooking: Easy.
  • Make it again: Definitely. The chicken was tender and the flavor was delicious. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with the simple combination of Parmesan cheese and garlic.
  • Modify it: Yes. I can see replacing the Parmesan with almost any other shredded cheese. Salt, pepper, and garlic are a seasoning base that we use for various dishes. I would just need to look in the spice cabinet to find numerous others that would work.
  • Works for leftovers: Yes. I had some cold on a pretzel bun one day and heated up some more another time.

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