Trying a New Pinterest Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Flatbread


Darth Husband and I are both fans of buffalo chicken sandwiches. They are something we will order when we are eating out but something we’ve never made at home. When a pin of The Hopeless Housewife’s Buffalo Chicken Flatbread showed up in my feed, I knew this was a recipe I had to try.

Here is my breakdown of this recipe.

  • Ingredients shopping:  Medium. I tried to get everything at one store and ended up omitting/modifying things right away.
  • Prep: Easy – Basic cutting and measuring
  • Cooking: Easy – I ended up using low heat so I wouldn’t accidentally brown the butter. Instead of making the flatbread, I used pre-made naan so that cut out a that portion of the recipe.
  • Make it again: Yes. Darth Husband really liked this and texted me to let me know right away. I could see making this and cutting it into small pieces and serving it as party food.
  • Modify it: Yes. Rather than making a trip to a second grocery store, I swapped out blue cheese for sharp cheddar and omitted the scallions. For me, the sauce was hot but not so hot that I couldn’t eat it. Next time for mine, I’d most likely put half the amount of sauce. If I was making it for a party, I’d stick with the actual ingredient list and not modify it.
  • Works for leftovers: Yes. I actually made this beforehand and we ate it later. As long as you watch to make sure the edges don’t start burning, reheating is very easy. Once the cheese starts melting again, it is ready. For me, it took about 9 minutes. Time might be different if the flatbread was homemade.

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