The Garden Shoes are Out

My gardening shoes are out and this makes me incredibly happy. I am starting this year with bright eyes, high hopes, and the understanding that in a few weeks I will most likely be swearing at something. The something will most likely be one of the three most unwanted in my yard: bull thistles, goutweed, and violets.


All three are already coming up, unphased by the recent temperature plummets and snow, and are taunting me. I know I just need to get my weeder, my red squishy-sided handled bucket, and my blue foam kneeler and get out there.

Knowing I need to get out there and actually getting out there are two completely different things. I get lazy. I get distracted. I get delusional that if I just wait until the next weekend everything will be ok. Ok then becomes relative. Ok as in the weeds are ok, ok as in “OK! now I have extra work”

So my goal this year is to get out and complete a major attack as early as possible. While working on a garden bed under the shade of a patio umbrella stuck in the dirt is possible and has been done in the past, actually enjoying the yard while sitting ON the patio under the umbrella actually IN the table is a better plan.

Add an iced tea and some knitting and it would be even better.



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