The Saga Continues: The Clone Wars & The Ten Stitch Blanket


Darth Husband and I have been sharing the dinner making duties again lately so that means I have more time to sit and knit and not be reminding myself that after the current row I’d have to check on something… or the row after that… or the row when the timer is yelling at me like an angry droid from the kitchen.

I am happy with the progression of the Ten Stitch Blanket. I’ve gotten a better feel for the correct tension so no longer cringe when it is time to work on a corner. I am no longer worried that “High Noon,” the yellow gradient yarn will be too bright with the other colors. Darth Husband actually believes I will be using up yarn from the giant box, though he did suggest taking “what I needed for the blanket” and donating the rest.

PAH! BAHAHAHAHAH! Non-knitting spouses are so cute.The yarn is not being donated.

My battles with Frankie that I had dubbed “cat vs knitting” on Instagram continue. I know that a default cat wanting attention method is sitting on whatever has the person’s attention but I still find it amusing. It also makes me think that Frankie has decided that it is officially a blanket since both cats love knitted afghans.

So as I battle the cat and knit away, I’ve been watching cartoon battles: The Clone Wars on Netflix.  I knew of the series but never started watching it back when we had cable. It was on the maybe someday list for awhile and then I had forgotten about it, somewhat dismissing it as a kid show. Then it showed up on Netflix.

Even with Netflix’s more recent addition of “Are you still watching….” slowing us a teeny tiny bit, we’ve been tearing though the seasons and have reached Season 6 now. Season 6 is the one that is Netflix exclusive and therefore, the end of the series and makes me a bit sad. Yes, I am getting sad over a fictional story that is set in a cartoon… sorry, animated series.  I know I can always just restart it especially this project and fifty potential skeins of yarn for it.

Yes,  FIFTY skeins. That isn’t an exaggeration. There are actually that many skeins I can and might use for this project.

I have a lot of rows to go and lots of cat vs knitting battles.


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