Life with a Fitbit: Finding the Right One for Me

Forget a monster in my pocket, I have a robot on my wrist and I’ve been wearing it for a month now. A Fitbit is a gadget and so it fits into my extremely vague robot category. It doesn’t have a mind of its own… or does it? It has been telling me what to do but I don’t mind and  this has actually been a good thing.

Let us start at the beginning…

I have the Fitbit Flex which is the wireless activity + sleep wristband that Darth Husband got me as a late Christmas present. He knew I had been wanting some sort of fitness tracker, as I call them, and had been researching various brands. The one that kept sticking in my mind was the Fitbit but I wasn’t sure which Fitbit. I’d read and think I had come to a decision and then only rethink, read more, and be unsure.

I broke it down into reasons why I was wanting with the first two being the most obvious:

  • Track my steps

  • Track my sleep

That omitted the Fitbit Zip since it is only an activity tracker.

One option down, three to go.

Then it came to the next factor: wearability.

I have owned several old school pedometers over the years and quite possibly still own one. The “quite possibly” is key here. I might still have one but I have no idea where it is. My best guess is in a box in the attic. Being in a box does me no good and clearly means I am not using it. I didn’t want this to be the case with the Fitbit. I wasn’t ready to spend a good amount of money for something I didn’t use or just used occasionally. Darth Husband and I have an older Garmin, ok I have one but we both use it, but I’d use it if I was actually out running or he would attach it to his bike when he would go out for a ride. It works quite well for that but I wanted something less bulky and bit less sporty looking.

Since the One is pretty small, it could easily be hidden if need be and the Flex and  Force look like a bracelet or a slim watch from a far. That didn’t help me decide since then all three would work and I didn’t think any of them were ugly. The deciding factor of clip-on vs band came when I asked a REI clerk for input. He said that customers liked them all which didn’t help. However right as I started to think I’d be stuck on the fence for a while, he mentioned that a few people said that the One fell off for them, that rang like a giant bell. Think Looney Tunes cartoon-sized, teeth-rattling, giant bell that knocked me off that fence since I’d be the minority that would somehow have it fall off and then I’d be upset.  While this could possibly never be the case, it was a worry of mine. I had no desire to be fishing it out of or from under who knows what.

And then there were two.

The Flex and the Force bands look similar with the Force being a bit wider but that didn’t make too much impact. The difference is slightly noticeable if they were right next to each other as was the case with the display. The question was if I need the bells and whistles of the Force actually showing me numbers and whatnot or if the line of dot lights on the Flex would work just as well. I could either see my stats whenever I wanted or when I made a specific point to check on them. In this case, more info all the time was too much info. I could see my stats either way online so having them visible on demand on my wrist didn’t warrant spending the extra money. I rarely wear a wristwatch so having the time didn’t matter that much either.

I made my decision and the Flex was then waiting for me up at the register. Since that day, I’ve been happy with my decision and I’ll be back with my thoughts of using it in the future.

Disclaimer: This Fitbit was a gift from Darth Husband and was paid for out of his own pocket. We received no free product, discount, or compensation for mention in the post.


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