Fitbit Flex: Go Go New Gadget!

This past weekend, a good friend of mine got married to a great guy. After the beautiful ceremony was the fun-filled reception. I cannot remember the last time I danced that much! Now if I only had gotten my new gadget beforehand!

Super excited mode means iPhone photo taken with happy shaking hands

Super excited mode means meh iPhone photo taken with happy shaking hands

I have been talking about wanting a Fitbit for awhile now and both Darth Husband and I were reading about the various versions.  I decided on the Flex. A big reason I decided on it was because I wore old school pedometers in the past and was always knocking it off and/or dropping it. Having it strapped to my wrist means less potential destruction or me just plain losing it.

Right now, I’m reading up on all the bells and whistles as well as getting used to wearing it. I’m wearing it on my left wrist where I’d usually wear a watch though I haven’t worn a watch in ages. (Blame the cellphone!) So far it doesn’t seem awkward so that is a good thing.

Now I just have to see how awkward my stats end up but I see this as a fun challenge and will update you all about wearing the Fitbit and getting my butt in gear (and off the couch) in the future.

Disclaimer: This Fitbit was a gift from Darth Husband and was paid for out of his own pocket.  We received no free product or discount for a mention in the post. 


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