Keeping the Pace and Keeping the Peace

So far I have successfully made it through about half of January and haven’t broken my resolution. All the written years have been 2014.

I’m glad I said “written” because I just typed 2013.

Yay for the backspace key!

If I had made some sort of grandiose plan to work out or whatever the past two weeks (give or take) would be a big fat fail.  It would warrant an extra bold font.


I think I jinxed myself last month thinking of how I lucked out last year during flu season and hoped to repeat it. When going through drafts before Christmas, I even found a  long forgotten draft of an old post idea about being lucky. Good thing I hadn’t set that to autopost (not that I would actually have one scheduled for over a year though) because then that would be mocking me too.

I definitely didn’t luck out this time and when January hit so did The Plague. Anytime an illness is more than just a cold and ends up really nasty I refer to it as a plague since dramatic flair helps the healing process…. or so I say to myself as I’m whining.

My January to-do list ground to a halt as the “Hmmm, I don’t feel too well” progressed to that moment when you are proud of yourself for finishing a small mug of tea after relishing in the fact that bathroom tile is cold. It wasn’t pretty but luckily it has since evolved to a mutant cough and my being aggravated that I am still not feeling well. It isn’t nor wasn’t the end of the world and will eventually become part of the “that January when I got really sick” list.

Hitting the giant pause button for a list of things ended up being more helpful than just getting better. It was like a giant computer style reset/reboot/hey look we’re going to make you shut down everything as we restart. I had to slow down. I had to ignore some stuff.

I am a multi-tasker. That is the way I’ve always been. It might be something as simple as having music on as I’m doing something but I still see that as multi-tasking. (Plus rarely do I enjoy absolute quiet.) There are TWO things going on at once. With the holiday season and the related events, to-do lists, planning, plotting and cleaning, I wasn’t even aware of just how much I was in “Go! GO! Yarnalone!” mode I was in. (Now I have the Inspector Gadget theme stuck in my head… DO! DO!)  It wasn’t insanely busier than my usual mode but I can see bits and pieces that were significantly more hectic.

Hectic happens.

I have to deal with it.

I can’t hide out watching The Gummie Bears on DVD and wishing that marshmallows count as a food group.

Well I could but that wouldn’t be practical.

The focus is really to keep the pace and keep the peace.  This idea first came to me one morning when I was stuck behind an obnoixously slow person during the walking portion of my morning commute. I understand that people have varying walking speeds but think of it like when you are driving and can’t get around the person doing 15 mph below the speed limit. I just wanted to keep my pace without the ridiculously unwarranted stress.

So the pace means things that are needed, the responsibilities, and the actual stuff that needs to get done. The peace is making sure this all happens without the ridiculously unwarranted stress and also with making time for myself.

Then I can sit and knit and maybe even actually watch The Gummie Bears on DVD.


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