2014: The Resolution

January means a new year which means the New Year which means New Year’s resolutions.

I have one:

Remember to write 2014 the first time when writing in ink because making a 3 into a 4 sans white out is much more difficult than a 2 into a 3.

I’m pretty serious about this.

I’ve done the more old school  New Years resolutions before. By “old school” I mean the more common ones that many people make over and over and I don’t want to just get stuck in some sort of time warp.

Let’s do the resolution warp agaaaaaaaaaain:

  • eat better

  • work out more

  • stress less about things I have no control over

  • save more

  • sleep more

  • blah blah blah.

A new calendar year is easily seen as a new beginning. If you have paper 12-month with no bonus month calendar meant it was time to take the new one out of the plastic. If you use a digital calendar, congrats, you got to click the “Next” button. It is a fresh start in the sense of a non-smelling new car smell or the first page of a brand new spiral-bound notebook.

I get it. It just don’t work for me.

I don’t want to be controlled by a number, actually two of the same numbers: 01/01 It makes me think of binary coding back in college.

Binary coding… machines… control… machines taking control… Terminators….

Yeaaaaaaahhh, so I’m going to add this feeble attempt to keep the last ramble tie in to my initial start in saying that 2014 my plan is to kick butt, just not metallic post-apocalyptic metal robot butt, and most not likely not all starting January 1st.


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