December 2013: Ninja Rap but not wrapping paper

This year was one of the first in a few years that I felt a bit behind with Christmas shopping. I had planned out some items and had ideas for some others but I just hadn’t been out as quickly to get them. Darth Husband and I did hit a few stores on Black Friday (though hours after the doorbusters) but only got a few things. This has been our Black Friday plan for a while now. Unless there is a specific item that we were hoping to get that we know will sell out, like a big screen TV we got a few years back, we wait. It also helps Darth Husband out because then I can get in a nap and am not kicking into pumpkin mode a la Cinderella.

I did have a plan for our friends’ almost five-year-old though that ended up successful – TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES! I found out that she liked Ninja Turtles from an “elf” as I told her when we gave her her presents. She got her Christmas as well as her early birthday present at one time. Turtle Power x 2: pajamas, of which I didn’t get a picture, and a bouncer ball!


I remembered the bouncer balls from when I was a kid and knew she’d get a kick out of it. Too bad they don’t make adult sized versions. Well technically you could bounce about on a stability ball but that wouldn’t end well.

Ever since I had the gift ideas set, I’ve had Ninja Rap from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: II the Secret of the Ooze stuck in my head. Vanilla Ice back in the day of parachute pants and steps cut in the side of haircuts and pre- renovation DIY reality shows is so amusing.

Darth Husband and I watched TMNT: II today thanks to the greatness that is Amazon Prime movies. I love early 90s movies when special effects was animatronics based rather than all CGI. Also, major kudos to the guys in the suits especially with all the back flips. I can’t even do a backflip without a suit. Ok, that is totally because I have absolutely no interest in doing a backflip. I can barely do something slightly resembling a cartwheel (or at least when I last tried who knows when ago) so a backflip attempt would not end well.


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