Influenster Rose VoxBox: Kiss Gradation Polishes


I was excited when I opened the Rose VoxBox from Influenster because it included one of my long time favorite cosmetics: nail polish! I’ve lost track of exactly how many bottles are in my current collection but many of them are glitter, metallic, or sparkly polishes.

From the info card in the Influenster box:

“Give yourself a trendy gradation manicure in no time with Kiss Gradation Polishes. Quick and easy to apply in three easy steps you will end up with a mani filled with glitter and shine in no time!”

On the Kiss website, the Kiss Gradation Polishes Kit I received is called “Exposure Gold.” The kit contains a pale champagne color (Step 1), a slightly darker gold – think actual gold jewelry gold (Step 2) and then a clear base glitter polish (Step 3.) The gold glitter is a mix of mini glitter and smaller hex glitter.

The bottom right photo of the collage above is a single coat of Step 1. The top right photo in the collage is all three polishes. I normally wear my nails short and could easily see myself wearing just the Step 1 polish. I thought it blended well with my skin tone. However, the goal wasn’t just  to wear a neutral single polish.

It was time to get sparkly!

The Step 2 polish went on as nicely as the first. Since my nails are short, I didn’t have too much room to add this middle color. I think if they were longer, it would make a bigger impact. Depending on the lighting, this gold was more noticeable.

I made sure that I wasn’t heavy handed when applying the Step 3 polish since I knew hex glitter can be tricky. I didn’t want it to be too concentrated in one area of the nail. The polishes blended into each other quite well.

I did not finish one hand at a time as the directions stated. I wanted to make sure the colors went on evenly and make sure the Step 1 polish was completely dried before I moved on. I didn’t want to accidentally bump and smudge the polish therefore having to start over.

I am generally hard on nail polish so I was curious to see how long this would last me. A normal two coat nail lasts between two and four days for me. This technically was a four coat on the tips. The next day (Day Two) the tips started chipping slightly. By Day Three, there chips were pretty severe and I ended up removing the polish by the end of the day. The glitter polish came off pretty easily with a basic nail polish remover. All it took was a little scrubbing and I didn’t need to soak it with remover laden cotton balls.

I could see wearing these Gradation Polishes for a special event. For the holidays and the numerous related events, I like sparkly nails.  I would make sure I applied the polishes the day of to avoid chipping. I might even mix things up and do the gradation across the width of the nail instead of the length.

There are three other colors listed online: a pink, a grey/graphite, and a blue. I could see myself trying the blue since I love blue polish. If I was looking at the four options in the store, that would be the one I’d look a first.

The price listed on the Influenster info card is $6.99. For that price, you get three 6.0 ml (0.20 fl oz) bottles.

Holiday gift idea: Kiss Gradation Polishes would be a good idea for a grab bag or stocking stuffer.

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All reviews within CSYA are my own and were not influenced by the company or individuals associated with the company.


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