Fashion Friday: The Pete & Repeat Shopping Edition

There is that old super cheesy joke about Pete, Repeat, and a boat.

Pete and Repeat are on a boat. Pete falls out. Who is left? REPEAT.

Obviously, if you can get someone who will deal with you actually repeating it over and over, they are mostly likely under the age of 10. It falls into the same category as the Lambchop song.

Ok, so now that I have made you roll your eyes at “bad” jokes and have gotten the Shari Lewis based earworm stuck in your head, now it is time to talk shopping.

At the beginning of each of the major season changes I try to reevaluate my clothes. Usually it is more so seasonal changes in terms of the weather temps significantly changing. I like to make sure I have new versions of some of my fashion staples as well. It is both a blessing and a curse that I have a lot of the same items. It helps set the base for other ideas but it also makes it a bit like an uniform when I don’t mean to do so. I’m always trying to mix things up but find myself looking at the same things.

It is like this:

Yarnalone and Repeat go shopping. Yarnalone gets trapped in a dressing room. Who decides what clothes to buy? REPEAT!

Here are some of my defaults.

P&R by yarnalone featuring Pull&Bear

American Eagle Outfitters v neck t shirt / Pull&Bear jacket, $65 / 7 For All Mankind jeans, $275 / Converse shoes, $73 / Coast cuff bracelet, $40 / Blue Nile hoop earrings / Taylor & Mason black belt, $19

Silver hoop earrings
As long as I can’t put my hand through them, I’ve pretty much worn all sizes of hoop earrings.  While I do wear gold jewelry at times, my default metal tone choice is silver.  I somewhat recently saw someone I hadn’t seen in over ten years and he commented about how I was still rocking the hoop earrings.

Black V-neck
It doesn’t matter if it is short-sleeved or long-sleeved, there are several of each in my closet. I don’t wear many white shirts so this is my neutral. While I do wear the long-sleeved versions when it is colder out, sometimes the short-sleeved is the better choice for layering. I try to buy at least one new one of each each season and phase out the one that is most faded.

Metal cuff bracelet
I’m really late on this whole “arm party” bandwagon and more so only wear one bracelet at a time.  Usually it is a metal cuff with some sort of detailing.

Dark denim
Dark denim is on so many closet staple lists so it is nothing new. My latest love is Seven7 jeans which I have been tracking down at my local TJ Maxx. The various styles I’ve purchased have consistently fit me well which is a total plus. It makes jean shopping so less crazy.

Basic leather belt
Real or fake, I try to have a least one black and one brown belt with minimal detailings. If I’m wearing a lot of patterns, I want something that doesn’t compete. If I’m wearing jeans, l like something that has a nice solid buckle as well.

Converse Chuck Taylor Low-tops
I have been wearing Converse for over 15 years and absolutely love them. My first pair were black velour lows that I still own though after numerous sewing repairs get minimal wearings now. I just can’t get rid of them since they are just so frickin cool. If ever find brand new ones in velvet without I doubt I’ll get more.  My last pair I purchased were pink.  Over the years I’ve also gotten black and blue pairs.  I’m needing a new pair but haven’t decided what color to get this time.

Grey Cardigan Sweater
A grey cardigan sweater is a definite default. My most recent sweater purchase was a grey cardigan. I had looked at others but decided that the grey one would get worn the most.  The thing is, I wear grey cardigans all the time but not the same one. The last count excluding grey with another color in the pattern and including the new purchase was six. Yes, I may have a grey sweater problem.


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