Something Witchy This Way Walks

Like many other American Horror Story fans, last week marked the end of the wait for American Horror Story: Coven.

After reading all the hype about the first season, I was hooked right away. I was also able to watch it on FX a week later. I loved the characters, the creepy plot lines and that it wrapped up at the end of the season. I had to know what was going to happen and by the ratings, I wasn’t alone.

Then FX wizened up with American Horror Story: Asylum and no longer streamed the episodes online. Cue the sad pandas and sad trombones since we don’t have cable. The world’s smallest violins can be kept in their cases though since I knew I could do without it and would just have to wait. It will eventually show up on Netflix and then I can park myself on the couch and watch it all in a weekend.

This season I figured out a way not to wait: the gym.


I have a gym membership with a keytag that spends way too much time hanging on a hook and not attached to my keys.  (I only connect it if I’m going to the gym since I don’t want to lose it and have to pay for another one.)

The last time I was there was back in August when Jess was in town. One thing she and I discussed was how most machines at my gym have separate TVs. I haven’t been to many gyms but this seems like something that isn’t always the case. It works for me because then I have something to keep me distracted and from only watching the numbers change on the readout which bores me after awhile. So now I have something to keep me distracted and get my butt to the gym: AHS: Coven.

The plan is to go, watch, and walk on the treadmill. (See, now the title makes more sense.) Walking also leads to a lesser chance of falling off due to awkward ninja flails due to scary parts of the show. Ok, that is more like any jumpy part of the show.

Jumping should increase my heart rate so then technically it counts as more of a workout right?

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