Embracing the Good

This week had the myriad of trivial yet annoying things: weather that wasn’t too sure what it wanted to do from block to block, forgetting my reading glasses at home one day, laundry still needing to be put away. Then there was that moment that made everything that I just mentioned and misc others things become extremely trivial.

A long time friend of Darth Husband’s lost his battle with cancer. He lived out of state for the majority of the time I knew him and while we spent some time together, it wasn’t too often. I always picture him with a big grin on his face since most times everyone was having some sort of celebration or general get together/night out. He was part of a giant social circle filled with friends and family. I cannot even imagine how everyone is feeling right now especially his longterm girlfriend.

Then I found out that an old friend from college died suddenly on the same day. I hadn’t seen her in years but had remained friends with a mutual friend. I have great memories of all out us going out dancing and having fun nights out together.

I know that there is that phrase to “hug/hold someone you love” when tragic events occur that some people consider cliche. I  just think it is more so about embracing the good that you have in your life, be it physically or metaphorically, while, in this case, not forgetting the person who is no longer with us.