Adventures with Knitting: Shawl-ly You’re Mistaken

I have a bad, or what could be considered bad, habit of almost getting in over my head with ideas at times. Usually I catch myself in time like when I was seriously considering running a half-marathon with Jess. Keep in mind that my running “career” so far has been walking three 5ks and run/walking one 5k. Getting more than one PR for a 5k should be the goal first.

Then there are the impulse “OOH YES! THIS WOULD BE AWESOME!” moments like when I bought about two dozen wooden cigar boxes at a garage sale. The plan was to refinish and/or decopauge them.  The end result… they are sitting in a bag in a closet. to be worked on… eventually.

My latest OOH! AWESOME! moment was due to the latest issue of Knitty. Knitty is a great knitting site that I have visited for quite some time. They have drool worthy patterns of varying levels. Of course the latest I’ve drooled over isn’t on the lowest end of the easy scale but I’m still oohing: Glitz at the Ritz.

First of all,  it is a beautiful lace pattern that includes one skein of sock weight yarn. I have picked up some pretty sock yarn yet never knitted socks. (It was getting caught in the fiber siren song of “ooooh preeeeeeeeeeeety yarn!”) THEN it also includes beads. Knitting with beads is something that has always interested me. It is one of those techniques that look really super-duper difficult but in the end it is a lot of counting, double checking counts, and not spilling the container of beads. If I did that Frankie would have a field day and I would be missing beads. I’d find them months later after I stepped on one barefoot.

Adding this to my to-knit list will help me accomplish two things: get over my fear of knitting lace and just try it (worst case I frog it) and use up one skein in my stash.

Now I just need to find my set of #6 needles…


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