Fashion Friday: First Day of Summer

Even though the weather has felt like summer being 80+ here and there, today is officially SUMMER! One thing I love about Summer is the funky, and sometimes funny, accessories that you can get away with due to the season.

Flamingo earrings? Sure! A Hawaiian floral print shirt? Why not!

I don’t have flamingo earrings but I do have an actual Hawaiian shirt from a family vacation ages ago.  I wear it occasionally. It is all in the timing and this is the time for some sweet treat themed items.

Summer Sweets #1

Keds / FOSSIL cream jewelry / Silver earrings / Jack Spade iphone case / Charlotte Russe iphone case
Summer Sweets #2

Still sweet but not limited to treats, a fruit theme works well too.

Summer Sweets #3
Summer Sweets #4

Jack Purcell / Cath Kidston , $19 / Simeon Farrar canvas tote, $195 / 2b b2b jewelry / Tina Lilienthal resin jewelry / Martick boho chic jewelry, $38

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