Twosday Tunesday: Side A

If someone asked me if I was a major list maker, I would probably say no. It isn’t that I don’t make lists but rather that they are pretty ordinary: grocery/shopping, packing, and/or general to-do list. The one out of the “ordinary” list that I do have though is my music list.

Before I had an iPhone, I had a habit, either good or bad depending on how you look at it, that when I heard a song I liked I would write it down. It could be a new song, a new to me song, or a song I loved at one time and then had forgotten about. The good part was that I had written it down so I could find it later. The bad part was that I had written it down on whatever. Sometimes it would make sense and be on a regular piece of paper or a Post-it but it was the “on whatever” that lead to the problems. Receipts and torn off newspaper corners are two that I remember especially since they then ended up mangled in the bottom or a purse or bag. While I was adding to my music list, I was also adding to the clutter, lovingly called “80lbs of crap”, that I was lugging around.

Since a song title hanging out with loose change and at least two lipcolor products wasn’t really working, when I got my iPhone I started a note with the music list. True, I could have done one on my old phone but this one was much easier and faster. Pretty much everything is lumped together out of convenience and to not have multiple lists since some easily cross over. Like would a cover be considered the genre of the original song or the band covering the song?

Since I listen numerous genres of music, there would be too many lists. However, this would work for a Twosday post. I first saw Twosday posts on Then Heather Said. When I think of Heather, I first think of lists and then I think of her singing Live since Yarnalone makes her think if Live’s “I Alone.” Heather is the queen of lists and if you don’t believe me you have never seen the photo of her wall covered in Post-Its. (Seriously, why have they not sponsored her for something yet?)

I’ve started seeing Twosdays posts pop up elsewhere online more recently. They have that strange allure of those email based surveys from the mid-90s when you answered basically the same 25 or so questions and sent them to basically the same group of friends. Occasionally, someone who refused to complete one would finally do one and make it a little more exciting.  While I have really no interest in telling you my favorite animal and where I want to go to college is not really applicable now, I think merging the music list with Twosday would work.

I have been a huge music person since the days of my Care Bears cassette player. (Now remember kids, cassette tapes were these little plastic boxes with tape rolled in it that played music for awhile but then you had to flip it over to play the rest!) My CD collection is several stands and several boxes, including one of the giant rubbermaid under the bed boxes. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve started to forget all the concerts I’ve attended like seeing John Mayer in 2005 when all I could remember was that Maroon 5 played. While we do have an iTunes account, I have specific guidelines of when I buy music so that I don’t get download-happy and then credit card bill-unhappy.

So here is the first Twosday Tunesday.  While I do not plan this to be a weekly deal here on CSYA, they will pop up here and there in the future.

Life is a Highway – Tom Cochrane
Learning to Fly – Tom Petty

Gold on the Ceiling – The Black Keys
Power of Love – Huey Lewis & the News

Beggar in the Morning – The Barr Brothers
Rewrite this Story – Smash Cast featuring Katharine McPhee & Jeremy Jordan


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