For Boston

Last August I traveled to Boston for the first time which was also my first time traveling to the East Coast. I can still remember my excitement as the plane landed and I ended up falling in love with that city.

Yesterday, my heart broke for that city and all who had gathered there to run in and/or celebrate the Boston Marathon. From thousands of miles away, I watched the video clips and read the reports in shock. I feared for the safety of friends, loved ones of friends, and complete strangers. I cried for those injured and killed in the blasts. I was awestruck at the bravery of the first responders. Even though I’ve completed a few races in the past, I cannot even fathom the feelings of those who ran and those couldn’t complete the race. This was supposed to be a life- changing event in a GOOD way.

Today I wore a race shirt in support of Boston.


I don’t know who started the idea but if someone does please put it in the comments so I can credit them. I just saw the idea floating around the internet last night.  I know that a few pieces of cotton sewn together won’t change the horrific events that happened but hopefully it puts some positive energy out in the universe. Boston is in my heart and on my mind today and will be for a very long time.


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