Making a New Tradition: Carrot Cake


I found this carrot cake recipe in a promo magazine for All Recipes that arrived in the mail. I’ve made recipes from All Recipes before and this one caught my attention right away and so I decided to make the cake for Easter. My great-aunt used to make carrot cake from scratch for Easter ages ago. I’ve heard stories about how great it was but also how it was a lot of work.

Luckily this recipe was worth the work because it needed three cups of grated carrots.  Darth Husband helped me with that part of the recipe. Actually having the carrots wasn’t a problem since we always have carrots in the house. Both of the dogs go crazy for carrots. We buy the giant bags so there is enough for everyone in the house, well everyone but the cats because they really don’t care. Cosmo was confused because we kept saying the word “carrot” but then it was passed over his head.

The cake baked almost perfectly. Only one small spot stuck to the pan when I flipped it over as well. I divided it into one decent sized square cake and one smaller one. Even with extra sides to frost (and the frosting that I ate straight from the bowl), I still had more than enough frosting.

I was really impressed that it turned out that well. I will definitely be making this again.


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