Garden 2013: Time to Get Planning


Last year started off with a great plan. I was going to attack the yard, do a major overhaul, and get one step closer to having the garden of my dreams. Darth Husband and I did attack the yard.  We practically gutted one flowerbed and rearranged another.  One just needed a decent weeding.

Then the hot weather hit.  The Chicago area ended up hot, humid, and that gross stickiness that makes kneeling in dirt less than enjoyable. I got out there as long as I could but I am NOT a hot weather person.  If it is too hot, I don’t want to be outside digging in the dirt. I was happy to have some of my plan done but there was a lot that wasn’t.

This year I’m starting early and starting slowly. Jess and I were recently talking about how March crept up on us and Darth Husband just mentioned how some of the flowers were starting to come up. Now I just need a few warmer and dry days so I can actually get out there.

Since it is still cold and snowy/rainy, I won’t be outside for a while so my plan of attack is still in progress.  I have a few plant catalogs that still arrive from the old owner of the house. I’m a bit hesitant to buy plants without actually seeing them but maybe one day I will get something. I’m also using my Garden board on Pinterest for ideas. Some of the board will actually work in my zone which is 5 and some won’t but still are pretty, interesting, or are a good color/color combo.

Color combinations are what I am focusing on right now.  The photo as the beginning of this post is a flowerbed I walked past last summer.  I loved the bright colors and it made me stop and turn around to get a picture.  It is a non-edited iPhone photo too. They were that bright.

We already have a lot of yellows in our garden. Coreopsis are one of my favorite flowers.  We have several areas that have them and they do pretty well.  I’m hoping they made it through last summer’s heat.  However, if some didn’t it won’t be too much of a problem since the plants are on sale quite often and I can start some from seeds.

I broke down the flowerbed photo into colors I think will work with our current flowers and stand out against the lighter brick of our house.  I know that they won’t be exactly the same colors when I’m looking at plants but I think it will be a good place to start.  Plus, if I want to be really specific I can pull this up on my phone to check. Realistically though I don’t foresee myself pulling out my phone in the midst of the Garden Center at the various Home and Garden stores in my area. Maybe if I decide to go to a nursery to find something specific. Then it would be easier than just saying “I’m looking for a flower with a darker red in it but not red red, more of a maroon but not too brownish.”


I know we will end up within something new outside of this breakdown.  I don’t want a fully color coded yard so that works for me. The main goal is to keep it bright.


2 thoughts on “Garden 2013: Time to Get Planning

  1. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I decided to NOT garden this year. Mine is always veggies, but it is so much work! I am going to do the herbs though. That is always fun. Be sure to post pics!

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