Music Monday: Party Like It’s 1986

First I need to get Prince’s 1999 out of my head. Sorry, Prince I’m not talking about you this time.

80s music has consistently been part of my life. Lately I’ve been on a Paul Simon kick. If you don’t know who Paul Simon is, please do some research.

Here, I’ll make it a bit easier for you.

While Darth Husband and I were working on the Great Living Room/Office Update of 2013, we, of course, had the music blaring. It went from the Skrillex Pandora station to the Led Zeppelin station to the actual CD of the Fat Wreck Chords comp, Fat Music Volume 3: Physical Fatness.  This is where the Paul Simon kicks in. One of the tracks on that CD is a Me First & the Gimmies cover of Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard.

This song became my new earworm which then lead to constant playing of my Paul Simon Pandora station. (Yes, I have a lot of Pandora stations.)  Paul Simon also pops up occasionally on my Mike & the Mechanics station as well. 100 bonus yarn points if you know this one as well. So Paul Simon + Mike & the Mechanics ends up with Steve Winwood as well.

Here’s a bigger radio hit of Steve Winwood.

All videos aside, I realized I didn’t have much of Paul Simon OR Steve Winwood in my music collection and had to fix that. Darth Husband helped me out w my plan and these were part of my anniversary present.

Paul Simon’s Graceland and Steve Winwood’s  Back in the High Life were both released in 1986. 1986 then ended haunting me. One morning I ended up rocking out, quietly, on the train to Huey Lewis & the News Hip to be Square. I check and sure enough 1986!

Warning: this is the official video which is shot pretty much in full close-up. It’s a little jarring visually, or at least is to me.


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