Cue the Powdered Pigment 5k!

In 2010, I ran/walked my first 5k, The Hot Chocolate 5k.  Last summer I was part of a walking team for The Color Run.  This year I’ve already signed up for TWO 5ks, The Color Run and Run or Dye.

My team and I had such a great time at last summer’s The Color Run that we decided that we had to do it again.  Almost everyone ended up registering for this year’s Chicago date.  We also added a few new members. While we have the same plan to walk it this year, our new plan is to dress up more than just team shirts. I know team costumes, or costumes for running in general, is a topic of debate. This time I see it as team bonding, a chance to be crafty (WOOHOO!), and yet another reason to laugh and make others laugh while on the course.  There is no plan for a PR or even a time at all.  The goal is to have a good time and have everyone cross the finish line.

Run or Dye is something new for me.  I had read about it but was on the fence whether or not I was going to do it. Stina and Darth Husband both told me about a Groupon for a discount race entry.  I took this as a sign that I was meant to do it. Then I forgot to register! I honestly think it was for the best because a friend was talking about yet another color based race and we started talking about Run or Dye. Within a few hours, the discussion turned into a full team created for the race. My plan is to run it, or at least run/walk it.

Safe to say there will be a comparison post in the future. I know that they are two different races but the base element is the same: participate and get color thrown at you. It’ll also be good to see how Round 2 in Chicago will be for The Color Run.


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