Music Monday: Hey March, I Got Ya Covered

Music Monday posts are back! Since the days of my Care Bears tape player, music has been a huge part of my life.  This series is my way to share something I love with all of you. An added part is that the first Monday of the month is covers related post.

I’ve been a Phil Collins fan as along as I can remember. “In the Air Tonight” starts with an intro that is so simple and mellow. While the song itself is quite mellow, there is that part about 3 1/2 mins in when there is a bigger kick tempo wise with the drums.  When I first heard the Nonpoint cover I was pleased that while they do kick it up a notch in general, that kick still is recognizable.

The original song has been used in various movies and TV shows.  The Nonpoint cover was in the more recent movie version of Miami Vice.


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