Music Monday: Seriously, Grey’s, Seriously

I’ve been a long time fan of Grey’s Anatomy. It was actually a Rilo Kiley song in the beginning of the second episode that first caught my attention. Prior to that night, I was never one for medical dramas. I’d seen an episode or ER here and there but overall it wasn’t my thing. However, due to that one song, I didn’t change the channel.

Time and time again it is the music that really makes the show. I’ve muted certain scenes when I’ve been all stuffy since I knew that the moment the song for that scene kicked in I’d be a goner. Sobbing at the TV isn’t beneficial when you can barely breathe due to a cold or allergies.

This past week it wasn’t a sad moment that caught my attention but a beat. Serena Ryder’s Stompa was featured. I always love a bluesy rock song that you can actually stomp your feet to and this time it was a cleverly named one.

This is my current earworm and also added to my hooping playlist.


2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Seriously, Grey’s, Seriously

  1. i too fell into a Greys habit from the start because of the music. and YES! you are right – if I muted the greatness I would cry a lot less at that show 🙂

    Totally adding this tune to my “songs to play more often” playlist. Thanks for pointing it out to us! xo

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