28 Day Blog Challenge

I like February for challenges. 28 days is just long enough for me to feel I can accomplish something and long enough where it will stick.  Last February was 29 Days of Being Vegetarian. This February it is the 28 Day Blog Challenge hosted by Katy Widrick.

Katy was one of the first women I got a chance to chat with while wandering around Philly the first day of the Healthy Living Summit back in 2011. While I don’t remember all we talked about (though about having video game playing husbands was later in the conference) , she was passionate and realistic about blogging. I see this on her blog as well and knew that her suggestions for this challenge could help me.

I’ve been wanting to polish up Can’t Survive on Yarn Alone for some time now.  I had first thought maybe for the beginning of 2013 but I realized that the beginning of 2013 was going to be about me. I deliberately didn’t post for almost a month. I read. I planned. I started some drafts. I watched almost every episode of Gossip Girl minus the few that weren’t available on Hulu+. (Don’t worry, I’m not posting spoilers but it will be relevant for an upcoming post.)

So the first step is a new WordPress theme since it was time for a fresh look.  More changes will come, though I don’t plan to post about it every day.  Daily posting isn’t my style. I’ll include things Twitter and I’ll do a larger recap from time to time.


4 thoughts on “28 Day Blog Challenge

  1. I can’t get into daily posting either. I’d rather write randomly about something I care about than force content out everyday. (yet there are a few daily blogs that I really like, and don’t think sound forced everyday)

  2. I had originally thought that this would make a good item for the January ‘Made It’ challenge since I couldn’t enter it for the December one as it is about things that I made as Christmas presents. However, since it doesn’t look as if there will be a January challenge I thought that I would write a post about them anyway.

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