It’s a POTLUCK: Don’t Forget to Bring a Dish

A couple of years one of our friends had a great idea to have a family style friends dinner. It would be part sit down dinner and part potluck. We would just have to figure out a day that would work for everyone. “A couple of years ago” and “for everyone” ended up being the factors that keep delaying the plan.

Recently another friend basically said enough was enough and set up a date at their house. The invite went out and it was just a matter of who could make it. With jobs, families, and other obligations the hope was that the majority would be able to make it. Well the stars must have been aligned since it actually worked!

My two ideas for what to bring were Green Bean Casserole (using the Campbell’s recipe) or a mini meatball version of Rachel Ray’s Chicken Parm Meatball Subs. Green Bean Casserole is one of those old school recipes that a lot of people love and make themselves. Basically, it is a safe bet.

With the people attending, the Chicken Meatballs were also a safe bet. I’ve made this recipe both as subs and as mini meatballs for some time now. The only time I had anyone make even a slightly negative comment was once when I added a bit more red pepper flakes and it had more of a kick.  That was totally fine with me since spicy/heat preference can totally vary. Since that day I try to keep the kick mid range and that way people know what they are getting.

The house quickly filled up with people and full tables of food. The kitchen was a frenzy of activity. Some things were being plated. Other people were doing last minute baking and one set off the smoke alarm. Gotta love burnt bacon!

Then there were the non-cooks/non-bakers.

The king of this group brought a crave case.  That’s right, he brought White Castles to a potluck.  It was amusing to see the box with turkey chili cheese dip and a veggie tray nearby.  Safe to say, there was something for everyone.

I ate. I chatted. I laughed. I played with my friend’s year-and-a-half old son. Next thing, I was hugging people goodbye as the night wound down.  Darth Husband and I ended up being the last group of people to go home. Safe to say it was a good night.

Have you ever had a friends based potluck or large scale dinner?


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