Just Add a Mixer: Julia in the Kitchen

Though my mother and grandmother both baked when I was growing up and still do, I first remember using a stand mixer in a school based Home Ec class. I want to say it was junior high but there was class I took in high school as well. At home we had a hand mixer which definitely helped out when baking but this was magic. I added a red Kitchen Aid mixer to my someday wish list.

That wish finally came true and I now have one.


Norm the Gnome, my coffee storing cookie jar,  is keeping her company.

Darth Husband and I decided to make bread. Rather, we talked about it and I was going to make it.  He’s an excellent cook but isn’t too fond of baking. I, on the other hand, love baking.  I figured I’d make white bread then move on to other kinds. I had made egg braid bread ages but that’s all I can remember.  Our old oven was extremely unreliable in terms of temperature. Anything being baked had to be rotated an excessive amount of times. Now that we have a new oven I was ready to tackle baking without having to set the timer for small intervals.

I ended up using a recipe from Joy of Cooking but using all purpose flour instead of bread flour. The plan was to make it using ingredients that are always in the house. I want to have an easy recipe that will be able to make easily and without heading out if I want to bake on a whim.  Realistically if it worked out well then we’d have fresh baked bread more often.

Just making the dough was so much easier with the stand mixer.  I was able to clean up faster too which is something that is always needed. I make a mess in the kitchen when I bake. The kitchen isn’t destroyed but where is a decent amount of flour to clean up. As I was cleaning up, I was thinking of what to name the mixer.  A bit silly, I know, but if people can name a car, then why not a mixer? After thinking of a few names I decided on Julia. If it wasn’t obvious the Julia is from Julia Child. I figured the mixer would be used predominately for baking and when I think baking and Julie Child I think butter.

After the kitchen was cleaned up, it was time to wait: wait for the dough to rise… twice and wait for it to bake.  The smell of bread baking makes me impatient. However, it was definitely worth waiting. The bread turned out perfectly.



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