(Not Quite) Last Minute Gift Ideas: Flashback Beauty

Cue the wrapping paper! Cue the bows! Bring on the ribbons, the gift bags and the tissue paper!  We are now smack dab in the middle of shopping season or for others the shopping is done and the wrapping is next. Personally, I am somewhere in the middle.

I found some things by chance which technically counts as super early shopping. We did a little Black Friday shopping after post-food comas wore off and got a good deal or two. I’ve done the morning shopping before but never stood outside in a line or ran to grab something specific. I am not a morning person in general so I have no reason to deal with anxious people wanting a Furby (or whatever else is the newest MUST find toy) or a $5 hoodie.

All crazy shopping aside, I love putting together gifts with a theme.  This is also a way I’ve found can be a money saver.  It somewhat depends on timing but if you give yourself enough of it, a more elaborate theme is possible.  For the last minute ideas, having a sense of your local stores and being willing to pay overnight shipping also helps.

All the old -school patterned denim and 80s and 90s colors that I’ve been seeing lately has me thinking FLASHBACK! Well, sorta flashback. I’m clearly a little off at times with this.

Now I have Prince’s 1999 stuck in my head.

Ok, back to the gift idea….

1. Start with one brightly-colored, dual-layered, snap-latch fronted Caboodle.

I still have my original one AND a smaller one that I got a little while later. Plus I hit jackpot at a garage sale a few years ago and picked up two more. (Yes, I have a lot of makeup, etc.) You can get new versions of the “Classic Cases” to keep the old school vibe but they have updated styles too.

2. Add several Lipsmackers.

These three were, and still are, some of my favorites.  I remember thinking the Coca-Cola ones was the coolest too. They have a bunch of different flavors now but I find myself going back to my default ones.

3. And some Love’s Baby Soft

4. Finish with a revamp of Jane Cosmetics.

I loved Eye Zings eyeshadow by Jane. It was great pigmented eyeshadow that held up really well for me.  Then Jane went away (cue sad trombone) but now the cosmetics are back!

Disclaimer:  All items mentioned in this post were mentioned due to good memories. None of the companies contacted me regarding this post nor was I compensated in any way.


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