Slow Cooker Sunday: Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

This past week I decided to stop planning to make Sunday dinner in the slow cooker and actual make something.  The past few weeks we’ve either been out, with the “leave it and forget it” part being deliberately forgotten, or planned something else, like a baked ham. I’ve seen some recipes in various magazines that looked interesting but none really made me stop and immediately add it to the list. Honestly, there are numerous ones that need to be cut out and added to a binder.  That way I can easily find one rather than guessing or winging it in the kitchen.

Kristin recently posted about a buffalo chicken recipe she found on Skinny Taste. The timing was perfect. I had thought to make a chicken based recipe and now I didn’t have to go searching. I ended up adding a teaspoon of minced garlic since we didn’t have any full cloves and a dash of salt. The salt was since I was going to keep the leftover liquid to use as a soup base. I’ll skim some of the excess fat off and throw it in the freezer another day.

The shredded chicken ended up going over brown rice and corn. I wanted there to be the sweetness of the corn to counteract the punch of the Louisiana Hot Sauce.  Darth Husband has gotten my more used to spicy food and hot sauce but this time it caught me a bit off guard for a moment.

All joking and fire-breathing cats aside, the recipe ended up really good.  Darth Husband liked it too. I can see making it again since it was extremely easy and the chicken can be used in a number of ways. I foresee the next time including cheese.

Mmmmm, cheese…


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