The Young House Love Book Signing and the Orange Chair

I always have great, and sometimes grand rather than great, ideas of things to do for the house.  Then I have to scale back and think of cost and the cat. We don’t refer to Frankie as “Frankie the Destroyer” for nothing! Tchotchkes must go behind glass… and pretty much else too.

Young House Love has been a favorite DIY read of mine for quite some time. I love that they are real people and what they have wasn’t something done overnight.  They worked long and hard, while being parents to an adorable little girl and pet parents to an adorable little dog.  While I may not be able to assemble the herd of ceramic animals since I don’t want a particular cat making ceramic dust, there are things I see in their posts that I could totally see myself trying.  I say trying too since I know things don’t always work as planned but the creative part is always fun… or at least it is for me.

So when I found out there was going to be a book I was super excited.  I was even more excited when it arrived.  My poor dogs didn’t understand why I was bouncing about with a book in my hands when I was supposed to be getting them their dinner.  While their dinner wasn’t too late, I did end up staying up pretty late to finish reading the book. My attempt to just read a little before bed totally didn’t work out!  I really love the book and think that they did a great job.  It has the same feel/style as the site but it isn’t a recycle of posts. I so hate when someone with a blog does that. If it is content that makes sense to include, perfect. Don’t rehash something I can search and find within a site.  I already have ideas that I’m going to add to our house.

When I found out that there’d be a book tour I was even more excited.  Yes, this is a lot of excitement.  Darth Husband got to listen to me squeak about it to the point of uh huh/glazed eyes.  Safe to say, I wasn’t planning to have him join me at the Chicago stop of the tour on Nov 10th.  I asked around and The BFF decided to go with me.  I had explained YHL and the book to her a bit but for the most part she was like the girl getting the Rex Manning signature for her mom in Empire Records – there to help out someone else. Plus we’d make a day of it and go out for lunch.

A day of it was pretty realistic since we left the house at 10:30 am, drove to Midway, took the Orange Line to the Red Line and ended up at the West Elm in Lincoln Park.  I take that back, we ended up in the wraparound line outside the West Elm in Lincoln Park. It was a huge line and over a three hour wait but we did it.  I also coveted this chair as we waited. It was orange. I don’t know why but I love orange chairs.

The staff of West Elm were really nice when dealing with everyone. That means a lot especially when you are standing under an awning as it pours.  It was a serious thunderstorm for a while with booming thunder and some really visible lightning.  They handed out cookies and hot chocolate.  I got a house cookie.

There were hearts too. I didn’t get any hot chocolate nor did I think to get a photo of the one The BFF got.  It had a tiny gingerbread cookie on top of the whipped cream.

When the weather started getting better is was closer to the actual signing.  You could tell when things were about to happen because the cameras and cell phone started coming out and the standing on tip toes started as well.

Then Sherry and John arrived and there was a lot of happy cheers and waving through the windows.  It was fun to watch other people as they went up to get their books signed. Once woman wanted people outside to do jazz hands in the background.  I saw a number of other ceramic animals being signed as well. Another brought the Nate Berkus tortoise shell for them to sign.  Sherry wore it for a moment which made the people in line totally crack up.

West Elm had set up a cute table inside for the signing.

Other people were stopping and looking at the projects.  The painted mason jar bookends got a lot of attention.

It was after 3:00pm by the time I was able to get to the table.  They were both really cool and I’m glad I got a chance to chat briefly and get a photo.

As we were heading back toward the L to get something to eat, that orange chair caught my attention again.  When I stopped took look at the price, I realize it was on sale for $15!

This is one of those moments that I’m glad The BFF is my BFF because she will be the voice of reason.

  • Me: It’s only $15!!!
  • The BFF: Yes, but we took the L, remember?
  • Me: Oh yeahhhhhhh. That’s a good thing then because if we had the car it’d be a different story.

So I left with a great memory and a signed book.  Having that orange chair follow me home would be pretty difficult.  I’d probably get stuck in the turnstyle somewhere.


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